September 18th, 2010


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Back in December of 2008, I had a trade with Kaku/Spookaboo. He wanted toys and gifts for Christmas time, and in exchange I was to get some art from him. The deal was for me to get an icon, two digital pieces (one flat colours, one fully coloured), a watercolour piece, and three keychains in exchange for some anime toys, books and goods. I cannot recall what all I sent; however, I do remember some manga, a large plush, doujinshi, and an older iPod that was used and had a pretty short battery. He was okay with this; I let him know the condition before sending it. I even sent a link to a place where the battery could get replaced for fairly cheap. He was offering Holiday bundles of art, and I think we did a kind of custom one equal to what I was sending. Again, not exactly sure since it's been so long.
( Journal with the holiday bundle art packages.)

Sadly, my old Livejournal name where the notes on the trade took place has been deleted, so I do not have that as proof; however I do have the beginning of our transaction in this journal: (screencaps:

Not too long after I did receive my icon. However, after that, things started to get a little rough.

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