August 20th, 2010



 I don't know how many of you do the whole facebook thing but there is a HORRIBLY rampant art theft scene on there. I try to always remind posters to credit or I post a credit of my own in the comments wherever I can. Facebook furs just have absolutely no concept of the idea of art theft. They post hundreds of images to their profiles, use them as profile images, tag themselves and their friends, etc. I don't see very many of them credit the original artists either.

I stumbled upon a reposting of my own art, again tagged as people who are not in the picture and not credited.

I'm debating whether I want to request credit or to just report it for removal.

If I get credit, that's possible traffic later.
if I report it, the image goes away and nobody sees it...

This particular person I am not a friend of so I cannot simply comment a credit like I normally do. Friend request pending but I'm debating what to do in the mean time.

What would you do in my shoes?

Someone is Using my Username on Ebay

Okay, I'm not sure if I should be asking about this on this comm as it's not so much 'artist' related but this is worrying as this could probably have an effect on me.

I've used the net handle of starrypawz for five or so years, it's the name I go buy on deviantart, my blog and well the internet in general so most people know me as starry or starrypawz. I'm a member of the My Little Pony Arena and recieved a message saying

"Hi there,

just wondered if you were also Starrypawz on Ebay? If you are, you've purchased one of my Dolly Mix ponies, and I've heard nothing from you in nearly a month. Please let me know if you want it.

Kerry (*angelberries* on Ebay)"

Now. I've never joined Ebay and don't have any intention of doing so, this has set off an alarm in my head. I've found this person and they joined on the 15th July 2010 and have 20 feedback with 1 neg. Can you offer any advice to me? I can't contact this person or Ebay unless I use my brother's account and I don't know if Ebay can do anything to help. It's quite worrying as my username isn't one you'd probably see copied (if I had something like starry92  that would be likley)

So, can I do anything, apart from just inform the internet that 'starrypawz on Ebay is not me!'?


Need some advice.

A couple months ago I made a partial fursuit for someone. When it left my house, it was fine. I had checked the seams, pulled them and went over a couple others I thought were iffy. All of the fursuits I make have a 6 month warranty. They can send it back to me and I will fix whatever problem, free of charge. He was happy with it all, agreed to the warranty and left with the suit.

I get a call from a friend a few days ago telling me that my commissioner came to her to fix a popped seam in the head. Which is fine, whatever, but then she notices I could have sewn the arms on the shirt and pants a little better, so she fixed that, and told me how to make sure that doesn't happen in the future as well as giving me advise for sewing the neck to the head. Which is fine, I like critique and advise on how to make things better.

BUT apparently she thinks I did the head wrong, in the way of the moving jaw. Now, it works perfectly when you have it on right. I showed the commissioner before he left with the suit, how to wear the head to make the jaw work. He did it, and it works. My friend says when he uses the moving jaw it doesn't work, and it hits his sternum. He isn't wearing it right. is a video of the head. The jaw works and isn't hitting the sternum.

Now something else was mentioned that wasn't mentioned to me when he took the suit. He says the vision is bad... I have a suit of my own, made by Media (Spook) and the vision in the suit I made is about 30 times better than my "professionally" made personal one. So he wants all mesh eyes now.

Now, he wants a $200 refund, or for me to re-make the head since things needed to be fixed with the stitching and the head is apparently wrong. Which I don't think is fair when it works perfectly fine, It worked perfectly fine on him when he left after I showed him how to wear it, and he could have sent the sleeves to me to fix with his warranty.

I don't know what to do, I don't have 200 dollars to give him and I don't have money or materials to make another head for him. (Which if he wore the head right he wouldn't need it anyway) He's wearing it too far forward. And since my friend fixed the seam issue (which I could have done which is part of the warranty) there shouldn't be a problem...

Please help.


I've written out my contract, please let me know what you think.

I'm also planning on getting in touch with this commissioner tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

:::More EDIT:::

I have sent him a note:

Which he has read and hasn't responded to.


Here's the response over IMs I got from him. I think it's been worked out. And I think I handled myself ok.
Baaww Advice (Iroh)
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Lost Contact/ Beware RavynWolf

Back in July, I made this journal about an artist on RavynWolf and was advised to contact the artist via email instead of LJ messaging.

I've done that and gotten no response. So if anyone runs into them on DA or FA or Teeny com etc, please beware! I'm not sure how active they are, but I know of one or two others who also never got their commissions.

(For the record, I've also contacted the TeenyCom mods on LJ to notify them that I never received my commission, saying they'd look into it.)

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Hope it helps =3
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Beware: FA Artist Kathy-Lu

A few weeks ago Kathy-Lu [ FA Site: ] was commissioned by Vaerinn and myself for four sketches. Each of these were ten dollars each and we had no complaints with timeliness. What will be mentioned is sharing rights; ahead of time we stipulated to Kathy-Lu that we would be expecting to be able to post these sketches anywhere as long as the following conditions were met.

1. The image was not to be edited in any significant way.
2. The signature was not to be obscured or removed.
3. The artist was to be given credit for the creation of the image.

She agreed to this in the LiveStream and we went on our merry way. Later, when I especially liked one sketch she did, I asked for the rights to colour and post it. She also gave these, stating that as long as the signature and original art was credited to her she did not mind. The real drama, and some screenshots, after the cut. Assuming I typed this correctly; I have not used LiveJournal in four years.

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TL;DR I would encourage commissioners to avoid this artist as they can and will mix business with personal issues. If anyone else has had this kind of experience with her please comment below.

problems with a friend

well, earlier this year, I had an old fixer-upper bodysuit/handpaws/tail/footpaws and a friend of mine decided to get it, however, she has a habit of disappearing and not paying for things or not doing what she's been paid to do lately.

its getting very difficult to contact her, I've posted on her FA in shouts and notes [which hasn't been updated in months] and also tried phoning her and such to no avail, its either not picked up or cuts off for some reason.

I'd go over to her house, but its a fair trek without the garuntee she'd even be there.

I've resorted to having my partner text her [he gets free texts, I don't] and I was assured she'd pay for the suit as soon as she was paid for something else [a german shepard suit she was asked to do] which wasn't what she told me she'd be doing when she took the suit home with her... I didn't have the room for it, so I let her, seems you can't even trust 'friends' you've had for 8 years or more now, eh?

its not ALOT of money, its £100, but thats what I was going to put towards my rent this month, which i'm now out-of-pocket for.

she said she would be paying me BEFORE eurofurence, when is coming up in just over a week. and I've had no contact from her in weeks, probably closer to a month. looking at her FA shouts, she's also been screwing over others as well... now I HATE to be like this to someone who I consider a friend, but honestly? making someone wait 4 YEARS for a suit made of funfur, telling them its finished when its still barely half way done is NOT on.

when I tried talking to her about it being wrong in person the last time I saw her, I got the idea it would just start an argument, so I dropped it :/

I told the guy to post his case here, but he hasn't yet... so the jist of the problem for him is: paid over $500 for a suit made of funfur, told it was finished about a year ago, its stil not finished or shipped, and it was ordered 4 years ago. I've seen it myself in person.

she also owes people art from RBW last year [last september] and still hasn't completed the orders either.

is there any way to really approach a friend who has a fair bit of a temper and tell them what their doing is REALLY out of order?

according to her facebook [i don't use facebook, my partner does] she updated saying something along the lines of being single again, so I don't really want to start up more drama and seem like a 'heartless bitch' when she's going through relationship issues, but honestly? your RL employer isn't going to care if you've had a break up or you cat died or whatever, they just want what they paid you for in a timely manner/before the specified deadline.

anyway. rambling finished, i know its a miss-mash of problems here, but they all have a common root :/

her FA is