August 7th, 2010


Beware Of Shadow-woofie aka Sharey

I commissioned a Fursuit from him over a year ago.

After several months of no progress and his sudden gain in 20 commissions of himself, I messaged him asking about it's progress.
I got the reply "I'm not working on it because of your attitude, you don't deserve it."
Demanding a refund he replied "I'm not refunding you either, deal with it."

He still refuses to refund me, and has blocked all communications with me on FA.

(I'm not sure I did this right, my first time warning people.)

My Message:
His Response:

Materials that were shown were leftovers from a previous suit project, he has deleted the photo.
(abuse stated being that I had long before this event on my msn status stated I didn't care for "cuntboys" all that much and he took it out of proportion during the dispute)

Paypal receipt (my last name and prices blacked out at request of my husband)

His pages