August 3rd, 2010


While there are only fuzzy details as to why this may have happened, the FA artist SukebePanda has vanished from the site completely (all art deleted, shouts and journals wiped when she left.) This was after a good bit of a hiatus from art, though still occasionally posting advertisements for her second life avatars for sale.

Of course, this isn't in and of itself a big deal, but she had at least several commissions in queue I know of (I don't know the actual number, but I can cite several cases including myself and friends, and I know there are more) that were never completed. I'm making this post mostly to a) make sure anyone else that had something lined up with her knows that she has disappeared, and b) to see if anyone still maintains regular contact with her and can at least get an answer if there will be refunds or if commissions will be finished, etc. Most of these commissions to my knowledge were taken on late last year, so the commissioners have been waiting a good bit already with no word on any progress at all.

Edit note: Artist has posted a journal inviting commissioners to be refunded if they so desire, and I have personally received a refund from her as well.