August 1st, 2010


Glassjawboxer / Stephen Doerr, no contact or updates from since February 2010

And that's the tl;dr version. This is a rather annoying tale of an awesome sculptor ignoring a commissioner (me) that paid 100% up front over 2.5 years ago for something that was initially promised to be finished in 5 weeks time.
His FA is here (and funnily enough was just updated last night):
AIM and YIM screenname: steeldoerr
Email that he checks:

I had commissioned him prior and received my piece from him, though I should have learned from my experience with him that I was due for a repeat. He is horrible in communicating back and went a whole year pretty much ignoring me. I had asked him nearly right after I got my last piece from him if we could work on something else. After some preliminary sketchwork, it was agreed upon what was going to be done and I sent full payment upfront via personal check. I was told this piece would take no more than 5 weeks to complete. Below is my timeline taken from my various emails to him. My last two emails were more along the lines of "Email me back, or else." with all prior ones simply being along the lines of "Where are you? Please just give me an update of what's going on. :(" tone. He has been extremely nice and apologetic in the emails he's replied back with, promising to "not keep me hanging so long anymore" but apparently like everything else he's said, could not keep his word on that. I have YIM chat logs and all my emails to him on my gmail.

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So, being as this is my first post to this community, I'd first like to ask if anyone knows any way to get ahold of him (I gave up trying to use FA notes). I have an address of his that I sent my check to but won't reveal that. I either want my piece from him finished and delivered to me by no later than the end of August 2010 or my money back. I'm going to have to look into filing a small claims suit against him that I will ask for interest and courts costs to be added to the settlement.
Has anyone else dealt with him? I know he has a commission list listed on his FA page somewhere...

Edit: Apparently there are some other people he's ignoring/screwed too after looking through his last FA journals. The first one looks like someone had a journal then deleted it:

**UPDATE 8/3/10** Apology email received from him stating that by Sunday (8/8/10), an update will be shown and I will be given the opportunity to request a full refund if I so choose. Will keep this updated with the outcome of that.

**UPDATE 8/10/10** Original deadline for 8/8/10 was missed but progress shots of the complete sculpted piece were shown on 8/10/10 and is satisfactory. The piece will be cast and painted and that is to be done fairly soon.