July 30th, 2010


TOS Question

Due to all the recent entries I have become increasingly scared to even do commission in the furry community (if at all). I decided to write up a TOS.

I have had mixed reviews on it. Most say it is fine, but I have had one or two people tell me it's TL;DR, it's cumbersome, or just plain scary.

Now, I'm trying to cover ALL my bases here. I've been on the end of art theft before, and I have been swindled too many times to count when I was unofficially doing commissions.

I would like some opinions, but I would also like this not to get into an all out argument about what is ethical and what is legal either. I am trying to cover all that with this TOS and I believe I have done so successfully.

I am worried I may have missed something legally in this TOS that I need to cover, and I would like to know what that is.

Please help me on this. My TOS

Admins and Mods, I know this needs approval, if this is not in the correct community please send me a message and I'll resubmit it elsewhere.