July 18th, 2010


Charging relatives

 So in my family, I'm pretty well known as 'the artist.' My family knows I do art for a living, and support me going forward in an art related career.

However, I'm constantly asked to do free art for them. Like, "can you do a portrait of your cousins? Oh I think a picture would look nice here, why don't you draw something up?" I'm also expected to draw something every time there's a birthday or holiday, again regardless of my schedule or if I even want to draw something. I'm frequently approached by them, despite the fact that I constantly tell them I'm busy. I've also told them that I'd really prefer if they actually paid me to do art for them, but they always get insulted, saying "but we're FAMILY!" and "You know we don't have money! Why can't you just draw something nice for your -cousin, niece, grandma, etc-?"

I don't want to take time out of my already packed schedule to stop and do several pieces of art for free, but I'm also feeling a bit guilty. I know they don't even have the $10 I charge for a sketch, and they really do like my work and want an original piece. However they seem to feel a bit entitled to free art from me, just because we're related, even if I have rent to pay myself.

Has anyone here had to deal with family expecting free art? How have you dealt with it? Do you think it's unfair to ask family for payment like any other customer? How do you think I should start handling this other than always going "Sorry, I can't work on anything but commissions right now" like a broken record?
Wotter - Goldenrod

PopRock Grey

I really dislike putting people up here, it makes me feel like a jerk, but sometimes it's what you gotta do I suppose. :/

So back in February, on the 21st PopRock Grey Opened for commissions on latex dog noses for fursuit making. I ordered 3 from her and was told they'd be done in about 2 weeks. I sent money right away and waited.

I hadn't heard from her in over a month, so I messaged her on April 12th asking what the status on them was. She apologized saying she was having trouble casting and that it was taking a while. She promised they would be done in no less than a week, and that she'd let me know when she sent them out. She e-mailed me on the 21st saying it was taking longer than expected.

I emailed her again on July 8th, over 2 months later, asking about them again, since I had no reply from her since then. She apologized and said she messed up my FA with someone else. I had never contacted her on FA, only through e-mail, so that seemed really weird to me. She said they'd be done in 3 days and she's sent them out within the week and give me a tracking number.

It's now been 10 days since I got that last e-mail and I haven't heard anything from her. Nothing saying they were done, no tracking number. Not even something saying it's be a bit longer than expected. It's been 5 months since this started, and I kinda just want my money back at this point.

E-Mail screen shots.

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belialchan at Deviantart

While I rather not put this up, I think it is my last option at this point. On January 3rd I came to an agreement with belialchan on Deviantart to have a commission done for me. I paid the same day and heard from her on February 11th, which was the last line of communication. She mentioned that she finished the pencil sketch for my commission and would send me a picture to prove that it existed. Of course I never got it.

I've tried multiple times to get into contact with her, emailing her on the following dates: February 12th, March 24th, April 22nd, May 17th, and June 24th. When I hadn't gotten a response from her between the last two dates, I posted on her Deviantart page, seeing if anyone was in the same boat as I was. It just so happened a handful of them were; they hadn't heard from her in months, along with many who purchased a doujinshi she advertised on her Deviantart account in the beginning of March.

I grew wary, particularly when I noticed she updated her Livejournal account (which was linked through her Deviantart one) on May 20th, three days after I attempted to get a hold of her again.

Screencap Here

I know that belialchan had been under some duress (hence the reason she opened her commissions in the first place), however someone had contacted me, who wants to remain anonymous, and saw on one of belialchan's friend's journal that she was allegedly supposed to attend Japan Expo and run a booth. Apparently she didn't make it, but from what I understand, she was supposed to have made art for the convention.

I asked for my money back in my last email, and at this point I'm not very interested in my commissioned artwork. If any other screencaps are needed, I'll be sure to add more.