July 11th, 2010

an FYI for those owed stuff by Jesskitt

it seems that she has gone and joined the Air Force, on some delayed enlistment. I dont know when she is to ship off to bootcamp, but anyone that she owes money or products to, there is a recourse. all you need to do is collect your evidence and write a cordial letter of indebtedness to the base commander of Lacklund AFB, with her name and what she owes you for, money amounts ect. thats Jessica Ivey, and the military will follow up on any and all letters of indebtedness. just start by stating that you know she will be training there, but you do not know the command she is in, and ask for the commander to investigate for you.

I plan on doing my part, as she made off with one of my headframes, and some of my materials and supplies......as Ive said before, no good deed goes unpunished, and she just wont leave well enough alone, so Im being stirred to action by her actions.