June 25th, 2010

Positive reviews.

So it seems like every time we allow a positive review post into the community, we get complaints about it even though they're allowed via the rules. For the record, please don't do that, it's not fair to the OP.

We discussed putting up a poll, but ultimately decided to make a post inviting all of you to share your thoughts about positive feedback/reviews here in artists_beware. We're asking people who are both for and against having them to argue their points here. If need be, we can make a poll for it later, but we'd rather hear good points for both sides instead of just giving something for people to click.

So, do you want positive reviews gone? Why?

Do you want to keep them? Why?

EDIT: I think it's important to note since it keeps being brought up that this community was made in 2003. Artistrecommend was nowhere near around back then.


Four months ago Cryth/Silvercoils(NOT to be confused with another artist "Crypt") offered that she would trade large apple snail shells for art/money. I know one other artist(which i'm not naming yet since i don't know if she would mind or not) and I did art in exchange for them but neither of us have received the snail shells yet. I don't know how many other artists exchanged or paid for them, but she also posted the offer in another LJ community.
http://community.livejournal.com/furhideandbone/629072.html (her community post)
http://www.furaffinity.net/full/3541949/ (my half of the trade)

She never commented on the picture and hasn't commented on the other pictures people drew for her. I assumed that she just had life problems and left it at that since I know issues come up, you know?
But I decided to look at her profile info to see if she updated else where and turns out she just dropped off of FA and was updating her DA. Her most recently submission there was June 4th and she updated her twitter two weeks ago.
Before her twitter update, I sent her a note and its still unread. I sent it two weeks and 3 days ago. So now I'm skeptical. She was nice to me and I enjoyed the brief comments we've left for each other, but I'm not too sure what kind of excuse she could have besides she's just plain avoiding this issue all together. If for any reason she was no longer to get the snail shells or she ran out, she could have at least told me.

I only exchanged two other notes with her on FA(im not sure if she ever read my reply) and I would post it but I have absolutely no idea how to screencap on this laptop but its just her agreeing to the trade.

Does anyone else know how many artists agreed to her trade and whether or not they got something back from her?