June 23rd, 2010

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A sweet seeming girl who does pretty work, its hard to not want to help her when she posts her 'Help, I need money, commission me." posts. However, she seems to have a large problem finishing them and staying in communication with her commisioners. Her money problems are never solved. Despite being unemployed for the better part of the year, next to nothing has come out of her artwise. Only appologies for being slow and more requests for people to commission her.

I point out her latest journal on June 22, 2010.  http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1497946/ It is copied below in case it gets removed.

While one can appreciate her honesty to a certain level here...

She lists no less then 40 commissions in her queue, most of which have been sitting there for years. And admits she has more that she owes to people not posted on that list. And still she opens slots for nine more people to give her money... For the experience of waiting anywhere from months to years on that list. Many people have assumed she simply stopped being involved in the fandom, but she's constantly commenting on FA. I think she answers the actual question herself on one of her pictures "I'm just busy and lazy."

At her current rate of finishing artwork, 2 pieces every five months, we should expect to see this list finished sometime in her lifetime, but probably not mine. :)~

So this is an Artist Beware. Consider your money a donation to support her lifestyle. You might one day get a surprise art piece in return from her, but this will be years after its no longer relevant.

Anonymously posted in the hopes that one day I can get my art from this person.

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A small sale since I won't be at AC this year-- limited slots.

To inquire, EMAIL me (address at bottom of journal) with decent references (attached or linked, or a precise description if necessary).

There are certain subjects that I don't touch, and various things that I may feel I'm not good at... so you are welcome to ask, but please understand that I reserve the right to choose which commissions to take. Elaborate characters (wings, extra body parts, detailed patterns, etc.) may cost a little more, at my discretion. Payment will be due when I approve your request, and can be made by paypal. If you need the items completed and/or mailed by a certain date, please include that in the email. Prices -include- regular shipping in the US, add $5 for priority mail, or contact me for rates to other countries.

3x4" traditional full-color badges - $30
Something along the lines of these samples:


8.5x11" sketches - $20


2.5x3.5" ACEO/Art Cards (color) - $20
These will look a lot like the badges, but will not have names, and will probably involve looser poses. I need to make some samples.


I might open up more slots later, or I might not. I might delete some or all open slots if I feel overwhelmed. I'm still working on other stuff that I owe too. I'm mostly curious about demand, and wanted to be able to offer a couple of each thing.

Other uploads/updates are on the way.

If you're waiting on commission progress from me, the info in my journal footer (below) is always up-to-date, and I'll definitely contact you individually as I have news or questions. You're always welcome to email me if you have concerns.

Updated to include everything I can think of, in the interest of full disclosure! (Be warned, I might take awhile to finish things.) Italics indicate what is most recently updated.

FA:U 2010 Homework
astor - Sketchbook (due for AC) SKETCHING

December 2009 Commission Drive
bloodwright - Model Sheet + side view (prelim sketch #1) revising

Stuff I was hoping to finish for Furfright 2009
rueiko - Badge (sketching)
ravenrivers - Color Pinup (INKING)
rithnok - Ink Pinup
pegasus316 - Standard Con Badge (sketching)
twilight316 - Standard Con Badge (sketching)

Fossil/Scully Collab Commissions
Two characters, full digital color. 11x14" inks.
3. galis  galis Paid waiting on Fossil to sketch
5. Newenglander123 (Furbid) Paid waiting on Fossil to sketch
6. iridium  iridium Paid waiting on Fossil to sketch

$10 Sketches
One character in pencil, minimal shading, possibly some minimal color accent, on 8.5x11" copy paper. It may be full body, or only partial, at my discretion. Example

6. chiaroscuro
7. cassiecat

FA Commissions
1. stegosaurus  stegosaurus - Color Pinup (sketching)
2. caedere  caedere - Sketch of Raptie (sketching)
3. knottyjames  knottyjames - Color Pinup (Inked!)
4. train  train - Color Pinup (Inked!)
5. raziel0682  raziel0682 - Color Pinup (sketch approved!)
6. eradragon  eradragon - Color Pinup
7. kazulthedragon  kazulthedragon - 2 Char Color Pinup (Inked!)
8. foxmaster5  foxmaster5 - Standard Con Badge
9. sirdan87  sirdan87 - Model Sheet

AC Overflow
draganta - Elemental commission (sketching)
panthras - Dragoness commission (coloring)
fizzotter - (Sketch) (Done, as long as he likes it, will scan)
:linkSkyJay: - Sketch (Sketching)
:linkluircin:/Devian led Kersan - (Coloring)

Other Commissions
:linkGlaide: - Color Pinup (need to revise for ink)
:linkNoventaWolf: (2) - inked; sketch/on hold
:linkNipper: - on hold
wretchedmeat - sketching
:linkHida: (2) - sketching
:linkSpiritRaptor: (3) - revising; revising; on hold
MaxDragon - on hold/waiting for descriptions

Furbid stuff
Fictator - (Shana) completing sketch/on hold
Marthaen - (Wanna Play? Dragoness) revising/on hold
:linkGatekat: - 2 Char Color Pinup - needs revising

There's also one or two things I still have to mail to people that aren't listed here. I need to contact those people to verify current mailing addresses. If you feel you should be on this list, please email me to discuss! I don't mean to forget anyone!

Email: emilie@scullyraptor.com
Paypal: paypal[at]scullyraptor.com


Advice - Commission Pricing

Hello all! I hope this post is okay, and if it is not, I am okay if the mods direct me elsewhere. I have been a long time lurker and first time poster so I would like to do this correctly.

I have done commissions in the past, and I greatly undersell myself but I like the fact that I can get people coming back or enjoying my art one way or another. I do a lot of different things, fandoms, and materials, but most generally stick to digital or traditional things like marker, ink, and pencil.

I have recently been asked to accept a commission from a co-worker of my mother. I do not know this person at all, but I can head out to their place of employment once I find out when they will be there. In the past I've done traditional, realistic portraits of myself and some of a celebrity for a friend. The one that sparked the interest in this type of commission was this piece here: Self Portrait.

This project alone took me a lot of time and effort to make it to where I want it to be, as usually I am a comic/cartoonist artist first. I love the way it came out and of course in the end I was pleased, but for a commission I am a bit lost.

Where should I price something like this? Do people work by the hour (and how much per hour), or a general flat fee and upgraded to how much detail? I don't want to undersell myself, but I don't want to come off as someone who charges a ridiculous amount, either, as I don't want to scare away any future commissioners.

I hope this was clear and if not, I am willing to answer any questions about this. I am currently in progress of writing a ToS so any advice to add something like this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

To the mods, I apologize for not adding tags as I continued to get this message: Error updating journal: Client error: Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal. I will try to add them after posting or some other way.