June 8th, 2010


Warning: BooBooBunnyGirl/Rachel

UPDATA: I am updating this journal because the situation has not been resolved, and I'm naming names. This journal regards Rachel, aka BooBooBunnyGirl.

I thought I would never be posting here about a situation, but it seems circumstances are out of my hands at this point. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Last year at Anthrocon, I commissioned a rather popular artist for 2 badges of my characters. She was an acquaintance of my boyfriend, and I kinda liked her at, so I figured, what the hey. I believe I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $25-30 a badge, but again, this was a year ago so I could be wrong. She said she had a lot of other commissions to take care of and would take care of it after the con. Figuring "oh it's 2 badges I can crank that out in a day", I didn't bother giving a deadline of any sort since AC was the last con I'd be attending that year.

Big. Mistake.

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Beware: Starfinder/-Star-/Astray/Kannos

Collapse )Collapse )During FC 2009, I commissioned Star/Astray for a 30 dollar badge commission. It was the last day, so she said she would send it out to me in a few weeks. Since my partner Evolus had commissioned her on the first and had finished it during the con, I figured I could trust her.

It is now nearly a year and a half since then and I have yet to receive the badge that I paid 30 dollars for. Worse yet, she's completed OTHER commissions, done various artwork, and refused to respond to my (polite) notes until I threatened to post here, whereupon she bitched at me for requesting either my badge or a refund, saying that she was in terrible financial conditions right now, and according to her, hadn't received the character sheet to begin with. I figured that it might've been a glitch with the notes, so I resent the character sheet, and waited. And waited. And waited.

I'm sick of waiting. I ordered a basic badge going on two years ago, and I've watched her completely ignore me, do other people's work, bitch at me when I resorted to the only way I knew how to get her to actually COMMUNICATE with me, and then proceed to ignore me again when I showed the slightest bit of compassion.

I want either a refund or my badge, and at this point I think it's fair to say that the badge should be equivalent to her photorealistic work, considering I paid her up-front and haven't gotten diddly in return.

As for everybody else, beware. She's a great artist, but commissions with her are hit or miss, and if it's miss you will NEVER get your art.

EDIT/UPDATE: I sent her a PM on the 9th, and it has yet to be read. Considering she last posted a journal entry yesterday, I'm pretty much certain that I'm being ignored.


Advice, anybody? In the last PM I sent her, I didn't mention this post at all, hoping that she would put two and two together and get off her duff. It appears I was naive, however. I'm thinking of sending her another PM mentioning this article and asking (again) for my badge or my money. Either way, I've pretty much had it with her.

2nd Update: 5 days and no response while she's been active, and has also read my PM. I got sick of waiting and sent her another PM, this time mentioning this article. Think I should bring up this ordeal with con staff if she ignores THIS, too? =\

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Oh, and during all this, she's set up an InkBunny account under yet ANOTHER name, which I've added to the title.

I'm incredibly frustrated right now. All I want is the fucking badge I paid for. I've been nothing but polite and civil, refraining from insults even while I warned her that I would post here if she didn't respond, and I've been walked over and ignored.
Pride Wolf

Fursuit Maker Issuses - Valdyr/Fenrir Productions - small update

**update** I was able to finally track her down via her cell phone. After many apologies she agreed that she would get working on the commission and get back to me in 2 weeks. This was over 2 months ago. I keep calling her cell which of course now rolls right to voice mail when I call. So guess I got screwed out of that fursuit commission. I will keep trying to contact her and if others would like the information I have come up with let me know via private email or message and I will give it to you only if you also have an outstanding commission and can show proof

I need some help from everyone out there on my list. My patience has run out

I commissioned a suit on November 19th, 2007 from Tabatha Warner aka Valdyr of Fenrir Productions.

I had paid for the suit commission in full (Furbid auction) and after repeated missed deadlines and now no communication after multiple attempts my patience has pretty much worn out. This was a chance for me to get a new suit after I sold most of my suits several years ago to cover some bills. I had originally commissioned a Hyena as something different but she repeatedly had issues with the fur/design so I in turn told her I would be happy with either a black wolf or even a husky as I really want to get another husky suit again.

If anyone has contact with her, please see if you can get my message to her, get her to contact me or something. I really don't have the money for another fursuit commission right now and would love to get something new....especially since this is paid for and has been promised for over 2 years now

Thanks everyone!