June 7th, 2010

Fursuit Coyote - "HI!"

Update: Silver Frostpaw/strykerfrostpaw/silverrieko

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved! See the update at the bottom of the entry.

Back again, posting an update on my dealings with Silver Frostpaw, who commissioned me back in the spring of 2009 for two con badges. You can view my original post here.

I emailed Silver a while after I posted here and sent him a link to my entry. Needless to say, he was NOT happy that I had brought the issue up in public and accused me of "ruining" him for other artists. He also suggested that I should learn about the situation he is in before I go saying things about him. My issue was, I had no idea what his situation was because he cut all contact with me.

Our full correspondence is behind the cut.
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The thing that grates me the most with this situation is that he did not apologize ONCE for his behavior until the very end, and it was buried in yet another heap of excuses. Everything is everyone elses' fault with this guy. Avoid at all costs.

Many apologies for the wall of text!

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Needless to say, I'm happy that I finally got what I was owed but the whole situation left a nasty taste in my mouth. I would not recommend working with this individual.