June 5th, 2010

Request I Never Got

First time posting so do forgive errors and I hope it's okay posting about a request. I won't say names since it is just a request. 

I won a very small character making contest in February (it was between friends and I was promised that the winner would get a picture). We were given an hour to make a quick profile of a character with the same idea behind it. I won and told the artist what I wanted. Which was just a picture of my best friend and mine's characters. I would very seldom ask about it. The artist said she had the sketch and it just needed color. A month or two later, I brought it up and she said it still just needed color. I asked if I could just have the sketch. I didn't want it for me, I just wanted it for my best friend.

Well she said no I can't have it because she never shows ANYONE her colorless sketches because they are so ugly. Well since we're friends and in general I'm pretty passive, I left it at that. I think I asked one more time with the same "It just needs color but it's too ugly as a sketch". Again I just want it for my friend.

I've since quit the group with said artist, and in a way I feel like I no longer have a right to ask for the picture. But I still want it for my friend. I'm mostly just asking for advice on what to do...

Won a tiny contest, was promised picture, picture was sketched but needed color and I couldn't have until it had color, it is now three months later.

Sorry if this needs to be behind an LJ cut. I figured it was pretty small.

Edmonton AB, Local beware

Now this post is going to be dead local, so if you don't live in or around Edmonton Alberta then feel free to skip it.

On May first I was a volunteer artist at free comic book day's evens at Happy Harbor 3. Between doing sketches for food bank donations I was approached by one of the management for Edmonton's female roller derby team, E-ville. Seeing as I tend to make a habit of comic book art and they have an super villain theme they asked if I'd do images for their next set of event posters. I was pleased to give over my contact information and in a few days received an e-mail about pricing and the time to meet and bounce ideas around.

I consider myself semi-pro right now, I'm just wiggling about in small projects and working on the old portfolio to get into comics and was willing to do something for them that I could also put in the portfolio. My pricing was $75 - $100 for something like this in quality:pickledance.deviantart.com/art/Female-Pyro-164730943

Now $75 for something I'm spending a good 7 hours baseline on AND copyrights in contract to use the image again is dead low. But within 2 weeks I'd gotten no reply at all. I can fully understand anyone deciding on another artiest ext. but I GOT NO WORD at all and spent time holding the spot for them when I could have been doing other projects. The complete unprofessionalism in their not getting back to me at all has me some what peeved.

So artist beware if you are in Edmonton and are approached by E-ville. They don't give notice if they change their plans.

Followup To My Previous Posting regarding "tfxgroup" and "lizardman" [RESOLVED]


Thanks for the support and advice. The issue was unexpectedly resolved today (without my knowledge or prior contacting) when Krae finished the other two pieces of the commission. I won't commission them again, and I'm fairly certain they still gonna have time issues for a while, but the commission was completed.

I probably do owe them an apology, which I'll deliver in person...well, as 'in person' as you can get online. xD But anyways, this issue is resolved.

Per the guideline I saw earlier, I'll leave the entire original post intact. I just wanted to make sure it was visible up here at the start that this issue has been resolved.

On March 30th, 2010, I brought this issue before Artists Beware. http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/312121.html


Now, The issue has not been resolved. I have waited long enough, I guess. This time, I'm not going to withhold names.

On December 27th, 2009, I commissioned the group on Furaffinity known as "tfxgroup". Their userpage: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tfxgroup

The group consists of the treasurer and site manager (for their private commission site) Lizardman, and at the time the artist of the group was Kraehi.

As I understand it, almost all my correspondence with the group is with Lizardman.

The terms of my commission were fairly simple:

A three-page transformation sequence, lineart only, for fifty dollars. It was to be completed the weekend of Christmas Week. The journal providing all details is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1107465/

The important part:
"Twelve slots. $20 each. Single character, inked, with some tone work/shading. Krae will try to finish them all this weekend.

TFs, fantasy MMORPG fanart, L4D/L4D2 fanart, furry and a mix of any of these. No underaged or any content that Krae would find offensive. Look at what we've offered through our gallery to get a sense of what's allowed.
This time we will allow people to get multiple slots. 3 slots of the same character in a sequence will be $50 total."

As can be seen, I placed a commission, three slots for 50 dollars. It was indicated to me in a note that payment had to be made in full to reserve my slots.

On Feburary 20th, 2010, I contacted the group, wondering why I hadn't heard or seen anything about the commission. Generally, I'm used to being asked several questions when the commission starts, for specific details. At this time, I had forgotten the clause that the commissions were to be finished before 2010 started.

The response I received (From Lizardman) is that Krae was having issues in school. This indicated to me that they had not started on the commissions before the college spring semester started back up in early Janurary, and was disappointing.

March 16th, I contact the group yet again. At this time, I began inquiring if there was a refund policy in place or not. I never received a straight yes or no answer as to whether or not I could get a refund.

On March 25th, I contact the group a third time, this time inquiring again about the possibility of a refund. At this time, it was clear to me Kraehi was continuing to draw, as their store had been updated with fresh material.

Two days later, March 27th, I directly asked Lizardman via Personal Message on his own furaffinity account. This time, I got a response that Lizardman had informed Kraehi of my commission.

I did not believe him, so I brought the matter here, asking for opinions.

During the course of talking with this group here, I thought to go back to the original terms of the commission, to see when the expected timeframe of delivery was originally stated to be.

Having discovered the commission was by this time three months overdue, I again contacted tfxgroup, this time insisting that I would directly contact Kraehi (who I had thusfar not had contact with) if I didn't receive a refund or full discussion of the situation from Lizardman.

At this time, Kraehi contacted me, and was apparently appalled. As she stated:

"Hi, I am terribly sorry for all the confusion in everything that has transpired. I was quite unaware of all of your messages because my partner has not been doing his side of the work and keeping me updated. Also, i would like to point out that he has been accepting commissions when I am quite overfilled.

I am sincerely sorry for everything that has happened and i would like to speak with you through other means, I have IMs:

[IM addresses, including Skype, AIM, YIM, ICQ, and MSN]

I would like to resolve this matter with you immediately, and preferrably without refunding your. but if it comes to that i can. I have upgraded your commission(s) without question and i am willing to sit and work on them as I speak with you.

Again I am VERY sorry for what has happened, and if you can not reach me by any above, feel free to call me on my cell [cell phone number]


The upgrade in question was that the commission would be colored for free.

We talked for a period of 3 days over MSN, hammering out the details of what I wanted, the commission itself finally being started on March 31rst, 2010 (the first page of three was completed that same day).

April 2nd, 2010 was the last time I had any sort of direct contact with Kraehi.

On May 10th, after a month of no contact with tfxgroup, Lizardman, or Kraehi, I was informed by Kraehi via offline message on MSN her laptop had broken but she had finally gotten a replacement.

I have not had any further contact with Kraehi.

Around this time, tfxgroup apparently hired new artists, as Kraehi had left the group. I had made my commission of tfxgroup, and was informed Kraehi would finish ongoing tfxgroup commissions that she had already started.

June 4th, 2010 (Yesterday as of writing this), I contacted Lizardman at tfxgroup, to try and figure out what the state of my commission was. Kraehi had apparently left the group, I had not had contact with her in a month, but my commission was still outstanding. I inquired again about the possibility of a refund.

Lizardman responded that Krae was still going to finish the commissions for tfxgroup.

I responded, again emphasizing that my commission was more than 5 months overdue (five months and nine days at the time of this posting), or 160 days, give or take the weekend that the commission was supposedly to be done over. Lizardman has not responded.

If Lizardman overbooked Kraehi, my issue is not with her, other than the fact that she has not been in contact with me for two months now.

I have repeatedly asked for my commission to be canceled and myself given a refund in full.


I would like it to be known publicly that anyone seeking to commission tfxgroup, and specifically doing any dealings involving money or art with Lizardman, can expect to be lied to, ignored, and essentially stolen from.