June 4th, 2010

Problem resolved.

  I don't know how to get the original journal I wrote back, but I will recreate it from what I can.  I didn't realize it was against  rules to edit it the way I did.

  I commissioned the artist for a 3 part piece about 3 years ago.   During the first week or so after commissioning I was given 2 sketches (A correction from my last entry).  It wasn't until about 2 years later that I received one of the sketches partially finished with flat color added to it. 

  Within that 3 years, those were the only things I had received.  I would ask the artists about the project every few months.  But I feel I wasn't properly informed or kept up on the progress, if any.  I was told that the project was near finished and they were on a CD.  But the CD in question could not be located.   I asked several times about this and was told later that they could not found.
  Keep in mind this is how things were presented to me.  I have discussed the situation with the artist and aspects of the following have been disputed.  But I was told, and have the IMS, that to make up the missing stuff I would have a choice to get 1 piece of something different to make it up.  I turned this offer down because I, at this point, had still not recieved any finished pieces of the 3 piece project.  I told the artist to forget it because I was upset and did not want to wait for something, which at this point, I never thought would be realized.

  The artist recently contacted me and tried to resolve the situation.  I recieved 2 pieces of the commish colored.  These pieces the artist tells me  have been done all this time.  But keep in mind I never received these pieces over the 3 years until now.  Even when I asked about the commish. 
  I did not get a refund (and I did not ask for one).  I simply recieved the 2 pieces and called it even at that.  He did offer to make up the last piece, but I simply wanted things done with.  I do not want to pursue the situation further.  


Rule reminder.

We've had a rash lately of people either forgetting rule number one, or choosing to ignore it.

Don't do that, guys.

I want to take this opportunity to request everyone read through the rules and familiarize yourselves with them again, as 'I didn't know it was a rule' isn't going to be a free pass out of getting in trouble.

For reference, rule number one is:

1. No screening or deleting comments (INCLUDING YOUR OWN) or posts. Ever. If you notice someone doing this, please email one of the moderators.
If your situation is resolved, do not edit your post with strike-through text. You may add updates to the body of your post in order to provide evidence, additional information, or if the situation is resolved, as long as the initial warning remains intact.

YES, this includes your own stuff, as it says in the parenthesis. We will have some common-sense exceptions such as if really personal information were posted, but if you want something deleted PM/email a moderator and ask first. We won't bite. But I'm afraid 'I said something stupid and don't want to own up to it' isn't really a good enough reason to delete things. We do expect the people here to own their words; in those cases, just reply to your own comment explaining yourself, owning up to it generally looks better than trying to hide the evidence anyway (deleted comments just make people curious!). To add, most of us mods track comments on posts, so harassing/being an ass to someone and then deleting your comment so you won't get in trouble won't work, so don't bother.

As for posts, Artists_Beware is a collection of information. Just because you've resolved your issue doesn't mean that information shouldn't still be available for people to see. History is important, and it's good to be able to look back and see an artist/commissioner has done something they shouldn't have before. We want everyone to have all the information they can before they exchange money or services, and this is difficult if people erase that information. Yes, you will get in a good deal of trouble for doing this. Don't try to skirt this rule by using strikethrough on the post or editing it out instead of all out deleting it. Those won't be treated any differently from if you had deleted the post.

Once an issue is resolved, you can edit into the post (don't remove previous information!) that it has been resolved, and we will tag it as resolved for you.

I hope this will stem all of the deleted comments/posts we've been having as of late. One more time, IT IS NOT ALLOWED. Ask a mod if you need help. Thank you.
mulder - sigh

help chile? not so much

I donated to help_chile to two artists. Within a week or so, I got one set of graphics I'd purchased, it's been 12 weeks, many PM's to the other artist and e-mails to the community later, and absolutely no help/purchased graphics in site.

The commission was from nottiem and the com the user posts at is shalott_shield

it was for charity, so it is what it is, but very frustrating still...any ideas? anyone having the same issue with a helping com like this? I've also posted on the com's FAQ (ie ask questions here post) and have heard crickets chirping...I think or my hard drive is crapping out...I realise posting here probably means I'll never get the graphics, but after three months, I think we can all safely assume what the outcome is going to be.