April 8th, 2010

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Alright, well. here is an update to the GirlInflated/Inflation11223344 thing.

Still no payment. The date that "she" said that "she'd" send payment has changed 3 times. I've blocked "her" from all my sites and have removed "her" from my queue.

"Her" GirlInflated account was banned on FA (for unknown reasons, according to "her") but "she" has a new one on there named GirlExpansion. Using a different alias, will probably be posting different pictures as well.

But I received a note from someone on DA, telling me that this person has multiple accounts. Here is a list of the ones that we know of:


20 accounts. 20. And those are only the ones that we know about. I don't know if these are only on DA, but I'm going to block "her" from my FA on all these names as well.

I'm giving up on the situation, and hopefully I won't have to post about this again. It was a waste of my time and patience and I hope that I don't have to go through with this again for a long time.

Thanks for all your support on the previous post, I really appreciate it.
sly koze

Scam Artist: Nataya

Nataya rears her ugly head again.

http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/tag/artist-nataya Are some previous entries regarding her if you do not know who she is.

She basically is Paiseley's predecessor in scamming and account hopping if you will.

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nxc <--- her most recent account.

DO NOT COMMISSION HER! Especially if she offers fursuit bits. She is a liar and a scammer and will not complete your art.
Homestuck - Rose

Commissioner beware: Kibble.

I've been avoiding making this a widely public issue, hoping that it could be taken care of privately. Alas, this does not look to be the case and it's high time to put this out there.

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UPDATE: Apparently harassment generated by this post has gotten to Kibble already, because he has contacted me as a result and is making new promises to attempt to begin payment. I will edit this post again and let you know if he does indeed come through. Regarding FCN though: please do NOT do anything rash. Harassment was not my intention, I just wanted to be paid and get this settled. It would be inappropriate for anyone else to get involved. Thank you.

UPDATE #2: Kibble has indeed started payment on the suit now! He sent an initial payment and we are trying to work out a regular interval schedule for him to continue paying off the head. Thanks for the help and advice everyone. The mods can mark this as resolved for the time being.

Kibble has also mentioned people sending him threatening emails as a result of his initial failure to pay. If you're responsible for this, please stop. Again, I did not want to cause him any trouble, especially now that he's gotten back into contact willing to pay.