April 4th, 2010

Tundra - By Kyndir


Seeking some advice on a commission that I'm still waiting on after a few years. This post is mostly about how I have handled it and what I should do about it so I won't name the artist in question. Hopefully I can get some advice to clear this matter up.

In November of 2006 I commissioned said artist when she offered a number of slots for mood icons. I paid upfront and sent my references, and she responded and put my name down under one of the slots. Over the next couple of months she posted the icons she did for a couple of people above me along with other art, and I was getting excited that it would be my turn soon. I don't mind waiting months for art, even a year or two doesn't bother me very much. This is probably where I did myself in.
A couple of months later I noticed she had stopped posting anything to do with the mood icon commissions. I knew there were people other than myself who hadn't been posted yet. I sent a friendly e-mail asking how things were going with my commission. I never heard back, but she kept posting art. I don't like to pester artists with e-mails and questions about my commission, as an artist myself I know how annoying this can be. So I left it, waiting for a response.
A couple more months went by (getting close to a year by this point) so I found another artist to do my mood icons (katolincat). They turned out great and the turnaround was very timely, so I was very happy with that. But still in the back of my mind I was hoping for that other commission, since the other artist did such beautiful work.
I don't quite remember when, but I attempted once more to contact the original artist about my commission, again without response. Between then and now I more or less gave up on the commission. Life got in the way, and I had to deal with things that were much more important. Now here I am, 3.5 years later, and I would still love to have the commission that I paid for. The artist is still around but I haven't seen her post any mood icons for the longest time, so I'm not sure if she even does them anymore.

My question is, should I bother trying to get in touch with her again? It's been so long and I have, admittedly, not kept as much tabs on it as I probably should have. Or should I just take it as a loss, and make note to not do business with the artist again?
I'd appreciate any advice on this. Thanks so much.