March 31st, 2010

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Looking for Commissioner from Anthrocon09

Hi there! This is my first post here, and so I hope I am doing this correctly.

I am looking for a man that commissioned me during Anthrocon 2009 in the Artist Alley. This person went by the name "Gryphon" and has a black gryphon character. I had their commission completed before Anthrocon had finished, however I was unable to contact them. (The commission can be viewed here). If I remember correctly, Gryphon was handing out cookies and snacks to all of the working artists in the alley.

I took down his contact information, however despite several e-mails I have not heard a response. I also have a mailing address, however I would prefer to confirm it with him first, before sending it out in case of change of address (and also to have the commission itself approved, as he never saw the final piece).

If you have any information on how I can contact him, please do let me know! I would really appreciate it, and I am sure that he would as well. :)