March 15th, 2010


Advise regarding no contact from commissioned artists

I have a question and I'm hoping it's okay to ask it here. It's regarding artwork I paid for and have not received.

My question is two-fold. Firstly I commissioned an artist about 2 years ago for a sketch when he was "down and out" and he kept saying he'd get it to me and never did. Finally about a year later he sent me a full colour pic that was near completion (lacking details and shadowing) for my approval. I was surprised as I'd only paid for a sketch but thought perhaps he'd felt bad and did a little extra. I said the work was great and to proceed with final details. I've never heard from him again and it's been another year. I don't really know how to approach him at this point or if I should put his name down on this group for others to be wary of him.

Secondly I commissioned some artwork from a few different artists (4 or so) about a year ago. I didn't receive the artwork from them although no time line was specified in any of the four cases. I went offline due to real life issues for about 6 months (Sept-January) and I've just come back online and begun checking up on FA again. None of the 4 have put up my artwork, e-mailed it to me, or contacted me regarding it. I don't know how to word a pm to them asking if they are still doing it as I feel bad for dropping off FA for so long. Any advise people have would be really helpful.

Thank-you, and again I'm sorry if this isn't what this group is for, please let me know and I'll remove my post from here.