March 14th, 2010

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Drawing for Games

Recently someone has approached me about drawing art (on a paid basis) for an online pet game. Should I ask for pay like it was a regular commission (i.e. one time fee)? If anyone has had any experience with this, I'd love to hear about it. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Update: Just letting you guys know that thanks for all the Lurapets warnings, but it wasn't them.

It's a lady who goes by "Trinity" on Furry Paws, who says she's planning on launching a pet game. My main confusion is whether to charge her like an individual or like a commercial business, since she may or may not actually create said game. So far she wants me to draw a "logo" (it's actually just a scene of dogs doing stuff). We haven't discussed prices yet, since I wanted to hear back from here first.

Update 2: Thanks for all the advice guys! I'll be treating this like a company account. If anyone has any input on what should be included in the contract, please let me know. That'd be great!
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Final update regarding the MIA package from Bambiboo3.

Greetings everyone.

On March 5th, I received the box containing the Cat In the Hat head from Audriana/Bambiboo3. The box received was very beat up and damaged and stamped as such. I took a few photos, opened it while still on my porch, then inspected the contents.

The head itself was not damaged in shipping, but not in anyway finished or in usable form. I discussed the matter with Audriana, and she agreed to refund the head and said I may keep it. I can repair mascot heads, so fixing the head up, though time consuming, is doable. The face itself is salvageable, but the back of the head needs to be framed out, fur in some spots glued down, reattach the ears, reupholster the back of the head, and shave the muzzle.

A check for the refund was received on March 11th. The matter is pretty much closed at this point.