March 10th, 2010


FurBuy scammer beware!

Alright. A few weeks ago I had posted a cartoon husky head for sale upon FurBuy. He got several bids including one promising one from a user that went by the name of HiFur. Everything went normally, they won, and I e-mailed them, asking for them for payment. I got no answer for two weeks. I went to my sent box and found I had not given a subject to my e-mail. So I thought "O.k., so maybe they deleated thinking I had sent it to the wrong person" so I sent another with a clear subject. Still no reply.

I was searching around FurBuy the next day when I came across a fox full suit. I had noticed the highest bidder. HiFur. The auction was $9999.00. No joke. I looked at the bidding history and no lie in one sweep the person went in these increments all at once: $750, $2000, $9999.00.

I am warning you now. This person is an absolute scam. ignore them when selling. Just skip over them and go straight for the person below. If you have been scammed by this person, please let me know. I and one other person on FurBuy are working together to get this person banned and any possible legal actions taken. Any situations with this person are welcome.