March 8th, 2010

Length of time to completion?

Hey everyone,

So I was just wondering how long do you think is too long when working on a trade or on a freebie?

I've had a couple of trades and some freebies waiting for quite a while now, I suffer from a fluctuating condition and I took them when I was in a period of remission but I had a serious relapse in my condition and thus haven't been able to do much in the way of art for the last six or so months due to having problems with adapting to using a wheelchair amoungst other things. (Thank god, my commission queue was clear) and though my condition has begun to clear up now and I'm starting to cope with the assistive devices I need so now I'm working on them, it kind of bothers me that I've taken so long.

So what do you consider is too long to wait for a trade or freebie?

(Regarding the trades? I'm trading for items, I've asked the people to hold the items and to despatch them once they receive the artwork.)

ETA: I am asking for general opinions so I can figure out an average sort of time to aim for in future. I'm looking for a general idea, most of the posts that do come up in the community deal with specific situations and as such much of what is posted about them usually relates solely to that situation and thus tends to cover a very narrow band of trades.


This is more asking for advice, than a warning or beware.

I have a regular customer, who generally is pretty awesome and has done a lot of favors for me. However, He's a bit on the impatient side, and admittedly I might be a bit too easily annoyed myself. He's on my MSN, and when I owe him art, he will literally ask every 20 minutes, "So when can you draw for me? Can you get on opencanvas? How about now? No? Why not? So when can you draw for me? :P" I'm not exaggerating, he asks very often, and very frequently to the point I get extremely frustrated.

It's hard to give a specific "Ok I'll have it drawn by______," because he likes for me to draw his commissions over a live OC session. It also makes it hard for me to get to the commission right away, because I'm not always in the mood or have time to sit down and get a whole commission through with on the spot. I know the reason he asks so frequently is exactly because of my inability to give an exact time, but it still gets annoying. If it were a regular commission, I'm sure it'd be a lot easier for me to find the extra time.

What's kind of close to being the final straw here is that recently my laptop hard drive fried, and even my backup failed on me. After a few weeks of using a borrowed computer, I've been able to get a new hard drive. I'm gradually getting all my stuff back together, plowing through upgrades and reloading all my old programs and whatnot. I'm not even back on my own laptop again for one day, when he starts asking "So, when can you draw for me?"

I tried telling him how hard it was to work with him if it absolutely has to be done live, and I would have an easier time if he just wrote down everything he wanted so I could get it done on my own time. His issue is that he doesn't like not being there to watch the work be done, because he often can't decide what he wants exactly until everything's set up. The way he put it, he will want to see something different depending on his mood, and thats easier to work out when it's being done in an OC session. That and he likes being able to point out things he wants changed as its being done, rather than waiting.

So, yeah, what do you all make of this? Am I being too grumpy, or is he getting a bit too impatient? Or a bit of both? If you need more details to make a judgement, of course feel free to ask. I just thought this was getting too long. :)
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Commission Problems with Lobby

Some months ago (July 24th, 2009) I commissioned Lobby for a full color digital image with a background. I paid in full what the artist requested for the piece, and then patiently waited for progress.

Almost two months went by and I noted Lobby through FurAffinity (September 15th, 2009) to inquire about the progress on my piece. The reply did not come for almost another month (October 4th, 2009) at which point I was told that Lobby was working on the piece. This was enough for me. I said that was fine, and I set to waiting again.

Another month passed, and I again noted the artist through Fur Affinity (Novemer 18th, 2009). Lobby did not even read this note. It sits, unopened, in my outbox to this day. A month later (December 17th, 2009) I noted again thinking that perhaps it got lost in the mix. This note too, sits in my outbox unopened. At this point Lobby has not posted a journal, or any artwork on FA for a couple of months, and I think that perhaps she is just not checking the site any longer.

I proceed to track her down through her Deviant Art account. I see that she has been updating on Deviant Art and I happily note her through their system (January 29, 2010). This note too, sits unopened in the outbox on Deviant Art despite the fact that she has just posted a journal to Deviant Art (February 1st, 2010).

At this point I can only assume she is ignoring me, for reasons beyond my comprehension. I have always been more than civil to the artists I have commissioned including Lobby, telling them expressly when I ask for progress that there is no rush it is only my curiosity. I have accepted easily being told that no progress has been made, and tell them to take their time in return. I have patiently waited more than 2 years to receive commissions when artists have fallen behind. It is only artwork I have no reason to get angry over it. None of the notes I have sent Lobby have been anything less than cordial, and I have given her no reason to think I am pressing her for my commission even though I have waited almost a year at this point just for a sketch.

I post this here in frustration for the lack of contact between myself and the artist. All the artists I have waited for in the past have kept in contact with me. Replied to my communications in a timely fashion, and I have waited patiently for them. I am not angry, I simply wish to know what is going on. However I do not wish for others to have to go through this immense waiting game without being forewarned about what you may encounter if you commission Lobby.

Her accounts are as follows:

Below is a screen shot record of the proceedings as I have described them. Certain personal things have been blacked out but the names on each note have been left to show that none of the more recent ones are from Lobby. (Note green circles indicate good exchanges with the artist, red indicates severe delinquency)

My Fur Affinity Inbox, this is the first page as denoted by the page number at the bottom.

My Fur Affinity Outbox.

My DeviantArt Outbox.

Lobby's DA Main page with her post from February 1st of 2010

Thanks for reading all,

~ Ace.

Edited: Fixed mistype from February 1st, 2009 to February 1st, 2010

P.S. - If anyone could put me in touch with Lobby, that would be awesome. I don't want to ream her or anything, I just want to know what's up that's all.