March 6th, 2010

Fyfe Doesn't Like You <3

Beware of Centurymon

A lot of people know of Centurymon, whose DeviantArt gallery is available here:

I believe she also has a Fur Afinity account, and was also an active member of Subeta, which is where this complaint originated.

I was looking at some recent commissions Cenutrymon was posting on Subeta (for those of you that are members, you can see her forum post here) when I first noticed that many of her commissions had the same pose as offical Subeta art, just flipped. You can see pretty much all the official Subeta pet art here as well. When I brought up to some friends that she had clearly been copying poses and charging real money for them, we dug a little deeper and discovered she has been actually tracing the images, not just using similar poses. She was even flipping several images and tracing lines from -many- different poses, but the point is, all the lines were traced and none of it was her original art.

I actually set up a Photobucket here with a ton of the pictures we found proof of, so feel free to browse.

EDIT, because it's been asked I post more of the Subeta examples instead. Will have that up in two seconds.
SEVERAL MORE can be posted if people want to see.

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