March 5th, 2010

  • viron

Question: Furbid and being physically unable to complete commissions

Long story short, I have painful carpal tunnel syndrome, and I'm scared that I may have permanent damage to my hand from doing so much art and general computer usage. I have a queue of icon commissions I need to finish, and the people have been really understanding about it, and I don't think I'll have any problems giving them a refund if I need to.

But I also have a person who won some icons from a FurBid auction several weeks ago. He has sent me refs, but he hasn't paid or given me any further information yet. I've yet to give him another email poke to ask again, but I'm wondering if I can cancel the commission at all due to my hand pain? FurBid states that since there wasn't a reserve on the auction or any other details in the description that would give me the right not to sell to him, I have to do his commissions.

I'm hoping he'll be understanding about it, too, and won't give me any grief, but what if he isn't? What do I do if I'm physically incapable of drawing for him? I assume at worst I can just expect a negative feedback, which isn't terrible, but it's still a concern. He hasn't paid me yet, and I did say in the auction I'd start drawing once I get payment, so I suppose I'm not yet obligated to draw his icons? I don't think that gives me the right to outright cancel his commission, though..

I haven't 100% decided I'm going to refund everyone yet, as I've stated I'm going to take a break to give my hand a rest and see if it improves at all first, but I'm just looking for advice in case that's what I end up having to do. :c