March 4th, 2010


Beware - Rika/Rika-Wulf

 Edit: Resolved, I've received the art and Rika included another sketch of the scene.

Edit: One of Rika's watchers called me a bitch and a greedy cunt on FA because I didn't inquire about Rika's well-being/personal life when I asked for updates on the status of my commission, so I've decided to throw in the towel in regards to the commission.

I made the mistake of replying to people who made comments about 'impatient jerks' harrassing her for commissions and I guess people didn't appreciate hearing my side of the story

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Watch out!

His name is Troy Mills or Whitewolf_wi or (newer) Shadowhusky
I know a small few of you have had encounters with him

Hes been on and off wanting a fursuit from me for about 3 years, and as always I gave him a quote and didnt expect anything from him. This time however he had cash in hand and wanted a husky head to match some paws and a tail he got off furbid. I told him 195.00 for the head becuase i knew he had money issues and becuase I had been dealing with him for so long. So he sent me 125 which I promptly used to order fur, get foam,glue and other supplies whick went up in price around here (but where has it not?), and ended up using like 10 bucks of my own cash for things, no biggie.
Well tonight He didnt seem thrilled about the fact I had not begun furring, even after explaing prior that it may be pushed back becuase we lost 2 people at work and there are 4 of us for two shops leaving me with full time hours + overtime and not much time to myself for fursuit work or anything else. First he said it was fine a few days later he got mad and accused me of lying to him about how far I was on the work and demanded a refund, I explaind that I already wasnt going to make much off the head to begin with and had already spent the money on supplies. He then name called,and other nasty things.

He has a habbit of emailing drunk,having massive mood swings if you dont reply back to him with in a day, taking weeks or even months to tell you he dosnt have the cash for the commission anymore and then some, and then will try his best to sling mud on whoever he sees as "being rude" for the smallest things like simply saying that your not open for work at the moment or the fact he has to make a deposit before he can book a spot.

I just wanted to let the rest of you know.

Be wary!

Questions for TOS

I just have a few questions, since I'm going to be updating my TOS soon.


First one:

I give the option to my commissioners to keep omissions private, so, it will only be sent to them, not posted etc. But, what if they wanted me to not post it, but they post it in their gallery? Should I just do that or should I have the right to post it too?

Question Two:

I'm going to be offering traditional omissions soon and have sold one successfully already, since I just got some prisma markers. When I do digital, I update the commissioner with each step: Sketch, Ink, Flats and then the finished. They're allowed to change certain things in each step:


  • Sketch: Anything can be changed or can be completely redone (Limited number of times of course)

  • Ink: Smaller things can be changed, but still enough.

  • Flats: Only colors can be changed only I myself made a major mistake. If it's a mistake you did by not telling me to add something, then I won't change it usually.

  • Finished: Usually I don't change anything unless there's a small background or something.


Now, with traditional, I'm not able to make these changes, except in the sketch stage. Should I only show updates on the sketch and then finish the pic and send it to them?

There's also the problem that I don't always have the right colors, only close to the color it needs to be. Would this be important to add in the TOS?

Don't think I have any other questions, but if you have any tips, especially when it comes to traditional stuff and mailing things out, and even more, badges, I'd be very grateful!

Paypal Dispute with Troy Mills

I had a feet paws/hand paws/husky tail set up for auction

Troy Mills, who recently had a rather bad entry posted about them over here
Fursuit entry -
Artists_Beware entry -

He had purchased the auction BIN from me. All was well. Communication was slow on his part. Few times he flew off the handle but didn't really think anything of it. I got them shipped out (insurance and tracking # included) once he received them, he told me he loved them they were amazing. He left me feedback saying:

User: shadowhusky (0) Date: February 17, 2010 4:31 PM EST Auction-No.: 232354815
Rating: Positive 1-10 Scale: 10
Comments: great work cant wait to fursuit in these quick shipping!!

After reading both the entries and the comments of those entries, I felt as though it would be best if I didn't put myself in a bad situation. So he had always asked if I could do his head, gave him multiple quotes, but he said his friend was going to do it (linked posts above). His friend was the one who posted those entries about him. I recieved an email today asking how much a head would cost. Below is the conversation we had (picture)

Additional conversation:

He as recently opened a paypal claim against me in the amount of $250 ($220 for the auction + $30 for shipping). How exactly do I go about this. The only reason hes opening this claim is because I won't accept his commission. What do I do? How do I go about letting Paypal know he's only opening this claim because he's mad at something else and that there is nothing wrong with the order itself?

EDIT Here is a screencap from the email saying he received the package

EDIT 2 Another screen cap of the tracking # and was also insured for $220

Screencap of the tracking # status on the website. Also says it's insured aswell

EDIT #3! Just checked my paypal and the claim/dispute has been dropped. He sent me an email saying he is going to get his friend to sell them for him but also said "i could still dispute this ya know" as if trying to scare me. (picture below)

Resolved (I think)
He's said hes going to get his friend to sell the items for him. He told me goodbye. He wanted me to delete my comments/entry here on A_B and on the entry in the fursuit LJ and he'd drop the subject but I'm not about to do that. As of right now, I'm pretty sure the case is resolved. He dropped the claim against me, he said hes going to try and sell the paws to someone.

Thank you guys for all the help. I'll start saving receipts now. I have all my information gathered thanks to your help in case he does decide to open a claim for whatever reason. :)

Advice? Opinions?

This isn't a beware, and I'm hoping it's okay here, but I have a question that I was hoping to get some opinions on.

I get measurements from people to do certain fursuit commissions. One that I'm working on now, I'm pretty sure the measurements I'm getting from them are incorrect. I've asked them for measurements twice, just to make sure they're correct, but even with the 'corrected' measurement, it's so far from being possible that I'm not sure what to do.

Do I bug them again and tell them there's no way their measurements are right? Do I make them to the given specifications? Do I assume they're incorrect and adjust them accordingly?

Things I make come with a warranty, so if there's a problem it's up to me to fix it for free. If I assume the measurements are wrong and make them too large, I have to fix them. But here's the real issue: if I make them to the person's measurements and they're incorrect, is it all on me to fix them? Or do I tell them that they've been done to their specifications, and if adjustments must be made, I have to be paid more for the labor/materials? Given what it is, I may have to completely remake them if they don't fit properly.

Just wondering how other people deal with issues of warranty, and where the line of responsibility lies.
Rabbit grin

UPS warning.

I remember a while ago there was a discussion on mailing items. I’d like to post a mailing warning that just happened.

I live with a co-worker. Everyone is home. The windows are open, you can see into the house. The man walked up, dropped the package in front of the door, then turned and left. No ringing of the doorbell, no knocking on the door, nothing. Sarah runs outside, picks it up, and sees in big bold red letters that a signature was required. She calls him over, just as he was pulling away, and points it out to him.

“I scanned it and it didn’t say I needed to get it signed.” Was his excuse.

After two hours on the phone with UPS, we find out that there WAS a signature required. But it is “up to the driver to decide if the neighborhood is safe enough to require a signature or not, or if to knock or not.”

Also, three hours after “scanning” the package, the tracking number doesn’t even show it was put on the truck today in the first place.

Warning, do not ship with UPS. They claim to scan the packages when they don’t, and even if you pay for signatures, it is their “decision” if they really need one or not.

By the way, the package was Sarah’s taxes. With her social security number, her address of where she works, so on and so forth. It’s lucky there were people in the house.

EDIT: Taking a suggestion from a comment. This incident happened in Southern California. A tax company in Garden Grove shipped to a house in Santa Ana via UPS (a.k.a. "Brown.")