February 3rd, 2010


Terms of Service Inquiry

With a recent post regarding a TOS, I would like to inquire to see if anyone would have any advice as to where to start building a TOS... What to include, what aspects are important, and what to avoid. (Templates?)

I think this could also be beneficial for others here, I can't be the only one wondering! It's much more to have a good TOS, than just a TOS.

Thank you!

Commissions for Publications

Please excuse me if this has been covered before...I couldn't find it, but please do redirect me if I just missed it!

I recently opened for commissions, and my second offer is from a friend of mine who's looking to commission an illustration for a published work.

The work is an RPG rule set and framework, similar to D&D. The base rulebook itself is already complete and available online in .pdf format (the illustration would be for the print version), and they are already partnered with Game Parlor for publication and distribution - so although it's a small, independent publication, I'm less concerned about this being "legit" and more questioning "how do I approach this?"

Price has not been established, though already the commissioner understands that a 300dpi illustration suitable for printing isn't going to be "cheap." He's willing to compensate me fairly, he's waiting for me to quote a price that I think is fair. What do you charge for a work that's going to be printed in a book and sold for profit?

Are there specific legalities I need to be concerned about while I'm negotiating the terms of this commission?

Any input would be highly appreciated.
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Artists, their ToS and commissioners' behaviour

This issue has already been widely discussed within the community. Yet, I still have one question to ask:

How to make commissioners read our ToS?

I'll take, for example, my last finished commission.

Link (warning! contains frontal nudity) -> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3365298
Commissioner -> http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shadowulf/
His journal entry about me being a jerk -> http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1186745/

Everything went smoothly from the beginning. The commissioner requested a picture, I approved his request, received money, sent him the sketch. He APPROVED the sketch and told me to go on. And what do I got afterward when the picture was already finished? Yes, he wanted me to edit it.
I always feel like a total shit-bag when buyers pretend to have the upper hand over me, even if it's stated in my ToS that "There are 2 stages where you can ask for your picture to be edited"... "Sketch (digital and traditional)" and "Flat colors (only digital, except anime portraits)".

I would appreciate it if you will share your experience.



I had to edit this picture because... Well, I was made a total jerk as it seems =/