January 9th, 2010


Months Later and still nothing.....

Okay this is a follow up to a previous entry I made in June of 2009

Soon after I made the following entry, July 1st, Brio finally did again show up on FA, what followed was a journal about how bad things were going and that she apologized about making her commissioners and such wait.  She even answered a pm I had sent her and again things were going fine.  I can accept that things happen and all and was just hoping to get my commission mailed out so it would be out of her hair for good, she could even forget about that whole paws extra thing if it would help.  (I mean it was done and part of the money paid for it was shipping money)

But then again after this initial contact to which my spirits were raised...were then again crushed by silence.  It has been six months since the journal and that contact were made and six months since anybody has heard from Brio.  Well maybe not everybody....but I will get to that in a second.  At which point after a few months of that journal I did try and get in contact with her about a refund....for if she is not going to mail out the head then I would kindly like the money I paid for it back, but of course this was only answered by silence.

Then October came around, I was attending FurFright when a conversation with some girls in line revealed that one was a friend of Brio and informed me that it wouldn't be a problem to give her a ring sometime during the con but had also informed me at this time that Brio had been real busy and purposefully been avoiding FA.  I was somewhat happy, maybe actual contact could be established. 

Later during the con I was approached by this girl once more, she had apparently managed to get a hold of Brio for me and I was then told that the head was water damaged and that Brio was apparently going to try and fix it before she sends anything out.....

Water damaged?  When did all this happen.  Was it during the supposed return of package incident?  If so why wasn't I informed before this point or for that matter during the July contact.  Does that mean that it was damaged again later or....  Really I don't know what to think at this point, it just all seems like excuses.  To top it off I didn't get anything else off the girls and my messages/notes and such have remained un answered since the con (you'd think after I get someone to call you that you might want to try contact but no....nothing....no answers)

So now its starting to approach the one year mark since I had initially bought this pre-made head and almost seven months since last actual contact with the artist (not including the supposed contact with this friend of hers)

At this point I don't know what else I can do.....