January 3rd, 2010

Avienne by Kasune

Syrae Universe

This might be a minor issue, and this is also my first post to this comm, but I just want to warn people of what they may be dealing with should they choose to commission Syrae Universe of Furcadia, FurAffinity and DeviantArt.

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I'm also curious as to whether or not this is even such a big deal-- There were no major details changed around, just the nose (which in my opinion shouldn't have even been pink in the first place) and the tail-tip, the latter of which Luke hadn't noticed until he'd already uploaded the port. I want to get a general consensus on the matter for future reference when commissioning other artists.

::EDIT:: Just uploaded the comparison of the before/after modified ports, for anyone who was wondering about the changes made.

::EDIT 2:: I managed to get the copy/pastes of the conversation Syrae and I had over IMs after I heard about her reaction to Luke-- My initial message to her, and the response that came afterwards. My last response to her was lost, as Syrae deleted my account from her website so I couldn't log in and access the inbox. Admittedly, in my original message I was a bit upset and that showed through alot of the passive-aggressiveness in my note, but here we go:

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