December 29th, 2009

Follow up

Dispite some heavy drama heaped on me. I believe the issue between myself and cureineko has been for the most part "resolved"

I'm getting a refund, she's moving on with her life, I'm moving on with mine.

I really did hate having to post about her here as she truely is a nice person and didn't deserve alot of the "flack" she got from a few individuals on the last posting (myself included)

If it's possible I would like to erase the previous journal about it and move on. Is that allowed?
  • wesfox

Paiseley and refunds

So two years ago I commissioned Paiseley ( for several sketches to be paid upon completion. A year passed without seeing anything, and she posted asking for commissions or donations, and I reminded her about the commission and offered to pay if she would follow up with the art. $50 and a year later nothing to show for it. So I asked for a refund. Now four or five months later I haven't seen anything for my efforts except a lot of people posting shouts to her FA page saying that they too are owed refunds or massively late commissions.

Does anyone know what the heck is up with her? Has she vanished with other peoples' and my money? I mean it has been over two freaking -years- now since I commissioned her, and months and months since asking for a refund and now there's a flood of people in the same situation as me.

Edit: Her old LJ was purged and deleted, but someone just pointed me to her new LJ for contact purpose

Edit2: Twitter account under the same name , including tweets about buying a new car this past month. Clearly financial problems prevent giving refunds to multiple people...

Edit3: and she can't afford to give refunds, but she can buy tickets to see the Bosstones, their new album, and plane tickets to go fly to their show at the Boston House of Blues.

Edit4: I was given her contact info and called her tonight and left a voice mail about the commission. She texted me back saying she had no idea who I was or how I got her number and never to contact her again. I texted back with details and got a "Do Not Contact Me Again" as a reply. Trash.