December 18th, 2009

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Questions about TOS

I was interested in selling home made knitted scarfs and hats, eventually moving up to blankets and what have you when I get larger needles.

I've been watching on here and often I've seen in the past advice on acquiring a TOS. I must be super slow, because after an hour of searching, I could not find these comments. As I am new to selling things online like this, I wanted to set up a TOS, for both me and the customer. I want them to know whats going on as much as I would want to, and I know reading over something like that would help.

What exactly should one put in a TOS though? I'm not fully sure.

I am sorry if you'd rather I not ask this here, but I know that you guys have it down pat what to do. I saw that advice asking is still ok, but did not see an update on the profile or a mod-post on what is exactly permitted.

I did google it, by the way. Didn't come up with any kind of helpful guide or anything.
Thank you in advanced.

Edit #1 - Oh man, thank you for all the advice. I have to actually sit down and put something together, so I'll upload my idea after its finished.