December 3rd, 2009

ilu kes

No Payment

A friend of mine was recently commissioned by Moldred for a large pricey commission.
It was sent to him on the 24th of November through e-mail and he hasn't replied yet. A reminder was sent on the 28th and that too hasn't been replied to. It appears he was active on twitter on the 25th, so he should have at least seen the e-mail sent on the 24th. My friend is not sure what to do since the work is completed and a decent chunk of money is owed. Is Moldred a bad commissioner or does he have a history of stiffing people like this? My friend tried his AIM info as well but no luck reaching him there, and FA is down as well so of course can't get a hold of him through those means. Does anyone have any other contact information for moldred? Or maybe someone can direct his attention to this journal?
Fall by Grandioze

Mod post: New moderators and Poll!

Everyone please welcome kayla_la, oceandezignz, and puppetmaker40 as our new moderators! With their help, we should be able to cut back on the post and member approval time, as well as tagging our sizeable backlog of untagged posts.

I'd also like to ask everyone their opinion about advice posts. I admit I am in favor of them, because a little intervention early in a situation can prevent serious problems later on. But if you read the community info page, they don't exactly follow the original purpose of this community. So, I want to give you members a chance to decide if they should continue to be allowed, or if you want the community to go back to its roots as purely a warning community.

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Should Artists_Beware continue to accept posts requesting advice for artists and commissioners?

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