November 27th, 2009

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Exodite Dragon / Astral Abortion / Capn Buttz Update

Final update:
Nica got hers today. It came in undamaged.
Like mine, instead of being sent out around or on the 11th of November, it was sent out on the 24th.

In closing, this was a long time coming, and we're just happy to have our badges, but would have preferred more honesty from Exo.

Thank you, everybody, who helped out.

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I made a post concerning Jace aka Brian Harp, I made a mistake which I want to clarify, I made a rash decision and accused him on not finishing art, he might have done it in the past but come to think of it 8-9 months is not that much of a long time, I'm sure several other artists have been in the same situation

I had communication issues with Jace, I believe he can change and was promised art completion by December, if he can deliver by that date, I think he's worthy of another opportunity. I don't wish to stir up things any longer and I hope those with a grudge can forgive him like I did, from all this I learned that with communication anything can be worked out
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Thefts Oh My

//I have been informed that the main hosting company blocked this site//

I'm sure plenty of Furries here watch Dragoneer in some way or another, so they already got a warning about this.
This is a follow up with screen shots from the website that is selling masses of stolen porn. This isn't is not %100 furry either, even though thats what it promises.


It has to be your own stuff that you report. If you see something that you know, pass it along to the artist. I didn't see any of the screen caps till today, so I figured the people who haven't seen them their selves wouldn't mind taking a look.

The info on how to contact the site and get your art down is listed at the top of this link.

Remember, just because you don't draw fur-porn doesn't mean you shouldn't take a look. There was plenty of just human chicks from what I saw too.

I'm posting this over on Art Theft too.