November 22nd, 2009


Just need some advice

Some years ago(2005),I commissioned a certian furry artist to draw a pick of my character Cindy.I recieved the image via jpg. file,but never the original.At the time,I thought that it was either lost in the mail or this commission was for an image file.I do recall sending the artist an email about it back then,but never got a reply.Well, a few days ago,I was looking though Furbuy and I came upon this: I sent the artist an email a day or so ago asking them to either cancel the auction and send me the pick(to which I would pay s/h) or if that were not possible,do draw another pick of Cindy in a simmiar pose for a price that would be negotiated.To date I have recieved no reply.This leaves me frustrated.Should I place a bid on a pick that I already paid for long ago? or just let the whole thing drop and chaulk it up to my own stupidity for not having checked back with this artist over the years.I just don't know what to do here. Note: since I wrote this,at the advice of a friend I have contacted Furbuy administrators to ask to have the auction pulled until I can work this out between the artist and myself.I am awaitng their response or a reply from the artist in question. Edit : Since this post was made,I have come to a resolution with the artist in question.I will be getting my art for a price that was negotiated fairly between us.Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions concerning this matter.It is now closed as far as I am concerned.