November 4th, 2009

  • rehka

Isabella Price

On FA, where I found her:

( Another entry about her on here, i figure every entry counts (?) so I'm making my own entry :3 )

It all began, really, around the beginning of July, when the artists in question posted a journal saying that fursuit head bases were $35, and quoted from the journal, July 11th:  "Turnaround time is 1 week-a month. :)".  So i thought 'What a deal! And her examples are seem like good stuff too' So I inquired about shipping (to Canada, i made sure to mention this in my very first note to her), $15, great  sounds reasonable I guess, I really have no concept of these things, and she responded timely and friendly enough that I decided to continue.

From July 11th-July 21st we exchanged notes confirming details, nothing seemed amiss, she responded quickly enough, I'm a busy person so if there was a delay I never took notice.  I never bothered to set a due date at this point, as I wanted it for Halloween, and what with it being July and a turnaround quoted as of being a week to a month, I figured at very worst I'd get it late September, still plenty of time to finish my full suit.

At about this time is when my situation began to sour (now that I look back anyway, at the time I was still very optimistic), I sent payment on July 29th... and heard nothing.
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