September 7th, 2009

Not a beware post, but a question (turnet into beware after all)

So I have a question regarding one's own commission rules and etiquette in general.

The commissioner
And the work I did for him

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It seems that the user or the staff have removed the edited submission. No replies in the "open tickets" section, so I'm not sure.
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Blaque Tygriss warning warning warning. "Update" ;)

Posting this cause I noticed some activity on her yahoogroup- namely that she has deleted it. So I suspect she is up to SOMETHING. Guess we'll see. Anyone have a furbuy and furbid account to see if she's accepting commissions when my plush has STILL not been fullfilled nor refunded (since 2004, people)?

Anywho, the story is long and boring but you should be warned in case my suspicions are true and she's accepting commissions and doing new artwork despite saying in a March 2009 post to her yahoogroup that she won't until all commissions are refunded or fullfilled.

So here are the past posts about her since there still isn't a tag for her:

Can't believe it's been THAT long since I last posted to warn people. I meant to at least twice a year.

Anyhoo... one of her last posts in March 2009 to her yahoogroup right before it got deleted:
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And I should mention- I emailed her after that post about getting a refund and... no reply. Big shock.

I wonder if she's ever gonna start believing in karma? Seriously, if she straightened this mess out I bet her life would start to improve a lot. I don't feel sorry for the mess she's in and I never will. I say she deserves some of the shit she has had flung at her because of the shit she has flung at her clients.

Maybe that's harsh of me, and yes hindsight is 20/20 and I could have done a LOT to prevent getting ripped off by her ($400, for those who haven't read all those links) but there is no excuse for her. None. I don't have many regrets as I learn from my mistakes... but I will always regret BlaqueTygriss. Yes, I also learned from that mistake, but I also direly regret it.

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