September 2nd, 2009


Vorelorn/Ragnarok/flight_of_dragons1987/etc., etc...

Okay. I usually don't talk about commissioners. I generally don't have issues with commissioners that aren't easily remedied. I usually don't have complaints about commissioners that aren't small, petty things.

However... I've been urged by many friends to post this so people know that this guy is quite the harasser.

I took a commission from someone on #furaffinity before the first of the month because I needed the money and they were going to pay with a money order. Considering my Paypal was fucked at that time, I figured that would be a good plan. We discussed commission details over IRC and they ended up getting a little 3x4 inch art card. $15, not a large sum or anything.

They would chat with me over AIM about the piece and then checked in daily to see if I'd recieved the money order. Cool, cool. I don't mind that. Once I told them I'd gotten the money order, however, they proceeded to IM me AT LEAST once a day (usually more) asking if I had a sketch down yet. Eventually, yes, I did send the sketch to them.

Then I went to PA for the weekend and I'd been house-busy most of the last week and then I just got the new computer and the scanner isn't cooperating with Vista yet so I'm not even able to scan things.

In the meantime of all of this, I'd set my Trillian to invisible. Two reasons, because I was sick of hearing from this person every day about their commission and I didn't want a bunch of IMs while I was setting things up, but I still wanted to talk to a few people.

Today they managed to slip past my invisible filter under a different screen name.

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Theses are in order of how I posted them in my LiveJournal. The top ones being the earliest on the 26th of August. I have logs of the inital commission conversation, but they're on my other computer at the moment. It was normal back and forth about what he wanted and what I could do. There was never an issue with the commission ITSELF, just the way this guy acted.

Apparently, he has been telling people I'm a scammer, as well. Which I am not. I have many completed commissions under my belt and a queue of ones being worked on. I have NEVER had this sort of issue before. Yes, I'll admit that I do tend to take some time on pieces. I'm very picky about quality and if I can put out a piece of work that is comparable (or even better) to my personal work, I feel like I'm not giving the customer what they're paying for. But I've never, ever in all my years taking artwork commissions, been harassed so incessantly like this.

Also, I got this note today:
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I understand wanting to know what's up with something you paid for, but there's a line crossed when you're asking EVERY DAY.

I got this just now, upon checking my FA. I had not replied to his other note because, well, I just haven't yet. I'd prefer to write up a proper response because sometimes I just ramble on without a point. But the impatience of this guy outweighs the politeness he's giving me.

RE:RE: Commission Refund
Sent By: Vorelorn On: September 3rd, 2009 11:24

If anything, just please accept my apology if you can do anything else for me. I've been feeling bad for everything I said and it'd do me some good. Anyways... hopefully I'll hear back from you soon hon.