July 14th, 2009

Tequila Goo Goo Muck

Kitt Creations

Name of Artist: Kitt Creations (Jess Kitt and Esuterure. RL: Jess Ivey and Me’Chelle Frederick)

Website: http://kittcreations.piczo.com/?cr=1

Character/species commissioned (link to photo/concept art): Domestic short-hair house cat. Reference art I sent: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1451925/

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq242/KittCreations/Official%20Fursuit%20Gallery/Esuterure%20Fursuits/CatPartial.png Please note that even on HER website, she has blurred the photo in the lower left corner so that the poor workmanship is not visible.

Is the item old or new (if old, how long have you had it/when was it made?) New item.

--Grade each below aspect on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best)--
Visual Aspect (does it match the concept art? Is it consistent with other items the maker has produced? Is it visually pleasing overall?): 1

Service Aspect (Deadlines. Communication. Little extras.): Negative Numbers. Once I placed my order (early April, around the ninth) and mailed off the shoes for the feet, I didn’t hear from the fabricators. The due date came and went. I sent a quick email to the effect of “what’s up?” in June and I was then told that Jess Kitt had to move. Some of the stuff for my suit was lost in that move. She’d do it as soon as she could. About a week later, I got another email saying that she was passing this off to her business partner, Me’Chelle. She packed up what she had, mailed it to Me’Chelle who had less than two weeks to complete the partial when they had known about/been paid for this order since April.

Workmanship Aspect (Is the sewing neat? Are things that should be sewn glued or vise versa? Does it fit? Has anything fallen off yet that shouldn’t have): Negative numbers. Spots on the wrists are on the incorrect sides. One ear is falling off of the hood. The tail has holes between the different fur sections and stuffing was coming out in one place. The pawpads on the handpaws are made of some type of paper.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: The suit was a rush job and shows it.

I wanted to wear this to AnthroCon this year and it was promised to be ready before then (late April/early May as per Jess Kitt). I got it the Friday of the Con, July 3, the day I was to leave to attend the convention. I had to wait for it to come in the mail before I could leave for Pittsburgh which put me way behind schedule. When I opened the box, I realized I would need some repairs/alterations so I only took the tail which began to lose its stuffing. Had the project been completed within the original time allotment, I could have easily had the alterations done (and would gladly have paid for them).

When AC came and went, Kitt Creations searched publicly posted videos and photos of the Fursuit Parade looking for me in this costume (KC didn't attend). When they didn't see me in this, they sent hate email. I stated I wanted to make some corrections of errors they had made but since their nasty diatribe, I decided it was better to just cut ties immediately rather than suffer through another of the profanity strewn emails. I have also seen where this fabricator is posting negative reviews about me - not just as a commissioner but also as a person.

Final Grade (out of 5): Maybe a 0.5.

Examples of her emails and postings in and around the community: (Please forgive any errors in the screenshots - I've not used them before.)

My first contact with her about the fursuit is the second comment down (dated 1206, July 06, 2009): http://tinyurl.com/mb8zxe

My replies to her on her page (I ask that you overlook my language and emotion - this came at me out of the blue when I was tired from a long trip): http://tinyurl.com/m9585o

Her Ning sight where I am a constant topic, I'm sure. http://tinyurl.com/mvtm7q

Email I received from Me'Chelle and my reply: http://tinyurl.com/l4xzp5

The final exchange between myself and Jess Kitt: http://tinyurl.com/mzwxv2

The last transmission from Jess Kitt before I blocked her email: http://tinyurl.com/mgzxhw

I have done nothing to malign this person. I simply didn’t wear their suit and then was verbally attacked. They had to rush to complete this for me by AC? No, they didn’t. They had since April when the money was sent.

In the end, avoid these two at all costs. I will now face a life of harassment, stalking and diatribe from these two. I did feel, however, that I couldn’t keep quiet since she is in the furry community and won’t go away. I have saved all of her emails. I will admit that I feel a bit sorry for Me’Chelle as she has been suckered into Jess’s paranoia and sociopathic behavior and will now suffer for her association. She wasn’t as nasty as Jess.