June 24th, 2009


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This is actually more an inquiry then a beware just so you guys know.

I would like to know if anybody has heard from the artist/fursuit maker known on FA as Brio.  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/brio

Four months ago I had bought a pre-made fursuit head from her and all was fine and dandy.  Contact was established, payment made and arrangements to replace the fun-fur white parts with nicer stuff ensued.  Two months later it was ready to ship but was sent back due to improper packaging and for the inconvience they had offered a set of paws with the head and of course I accepted and even offered to throw in some extra money if she could extend the paws with some short sleeves for easy conceilment with clothing, but during these final negotiations communication stopped.  I was puzzled but didn't think much of it.  Two months later still no word from her so I send an email and a pm to her FA and even added their AIM (I also noticed that her FA hasn't been updated in two months as well)....three weeks later I still haven't heard a peep...and its almost exactly one week now from AC...the very con I had bought the head to wear to and the only con I attend all year...  At this point I'm more then a little annoyed.  I know things come up and I know that everybody has a life to live....but this seems a little much...I mean all I ask is a little confirmation that she has not forgotten me.  For at this point I'm just a girl out both a head and a large sum of money (285 dollars to be exact)....

(noticing her shouts that she had been seen about two weeks or so ago at a small event by two furs, but others seem to also be having a problem contacting her....)


About to give up on this one.

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Edit:Situation resolved. On some advice I sent her an email telling her I was uncomfortable with the commission thus far, and she sheepishly admitted that she has been too sucked into wow and told me that she'd been working on it from time to time, but didn't email me about her progress. She told me that she should have a finished piece for me by the end of the day, and she apologized profusely for making me wait so long and for getting snippy.