June 11th, 2009

Redux on Anuvia

After a month of waiting for Anuvia to clear her name, as she said she would the day after my first post here, I decided to make another to post to update.

Original post is here: http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/243254.html#cutid1

It's marked as resolved, because once she emailed me after I made that post, I thought, hey, maybe it's going to be fine now that we're in contact. Things didn't quite turn out that way. The night I posted on A_B originally, her screen name signed on MSN. The person on it claimed that he was her boyfriend, not her, then proceeded to berate me for a half hour, asking questions about the situation which the A_B post covered. I kept replying that, since he wasn't her, I couldn't comment on it, and that he should ask her for the answers or read the post.

An email to her from 5/12:

Hi hi, I was wondering since it's been a week, would you like me to mail you my old clunky digital camera I use? I mean, you can always mail it back? Actually, if you want to just mail me the book and talk about a partial refund, that's fine. What do you think? If the book was 100 drawings, and you did 30, would you be okay with sending back two thirds? So if 525 divided by thirds is 175, and I sent 300, you would send 125 back? However you want to do it. I'd prefer it if you would send the book and a check, after we've agreed upon the amount.

I didn't receive a reply, but after commenting and getting this response http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/243254.html?thread=6791478#t6791478 I didn't know what to think.

I gave it some more time, but I decided to take action now. I'm utterly sick of being ignored, told to wait, and assured that there will be photos soon, only to be told something happened or worse, told nothing. I suggest against commissioning Anuvia, Aphrodite, or the newly minted PudgeySabertooth on FA.

Also, I've been told by one of her commissioners who DID receive a refund that there were several other people still waiting for refunds. I would ask that anyone awaiting a refund from her come forward to comment, and, if you are in the state of California, feel free to email me at decadist@msn.com. She and I are both located in the same state. I've filled out small claims court papers (I figured a 30 dollar fee is worth getting everything settled) for Riverside county, the county where she is located, and I would like to add names to the plaintiff list.

EDIT: Anuvia is currently taking action to make things right, selling things to put together a refund, and intends to get proof of the book when able. Meanwhile, I've made promises to use phone calls in a polite manner rather than emails to keep in contact with her. I'm sure both of us can hardly keep track of all the comments, and for the large part the discussion has become a debate of policy. I thought this would be interesting to read, regardless of whose argument it serves: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/tech/tec07.shtm

I don't think I'll have any hard feelings towards her after this is all over, and when she has the book I will be obliged to pay her for the work that was done, regardless of how long it took to get photos.

- Aurelina/Dirge
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(no subject)

Not a 'beware' but a query.

A customer emailed to ask where their stuff is and I checked the tracking number. It was reported as 'delivered and received' over 2 weeks ago. But the customer has NOT received the box nor any 'we tried to deliver' message.

The item in question is a physical piece of 3D art. I cannot just 'print off' another copy to send. I would have to totally remake it. Which of course takes time and materials out of my pocket. Yet right now I have the money from the lost item plus photos in my gallery, and the customer has nothing. That doesn't seem terribly fair either :/

Gong on the assumption the customer is NOT lying (because I do not believe they are), what do we do now? Are there steps towards finding this box that we can take? If not, what is a reasonable compromise?

Edit: No, I did not ask for signature conformation. Though after this I will certainly be adding it as an option/requiring it in the future.
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Commissioner Warning

In no way, shape, or form is this entry posted with malicious intent, but merely a warning to everyone who might encounter the same thing

MyFurCreations was commissioned by BlueWinkle ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bluewinkle ) in Mid January.
Her completion date was set for May-July 2009 and she agreed. While I only require a 30% deposit, she left me a 50% deposit. While exchanging emails she stated she would prefer if her suit was done by the end of May as stated below:

"Ok I've decided to have you make the head by the earliest date possible, preferably for May."

For MyFurCreations, as fursuit makers, we strive to meet the expectations of the commissioners. But when we told her her completion date was for May-July of 2009, she agreed. "Preferably" means it's a guideline we will try to meet. Unfortunately, unforseen events delayed the completion of your suit. But in no way, are we past the completion deadline. Since it's June 11, 2009 we are still within the completion frame.

I have no power over how she interprets things, but I try my best to explain things as clear as possible. Somehow, she began to believe that her head would be done at the end of May. This matter could have been resolved quickly with an email if she has simply sent me an email rather then going on fabricating deadlines.

The straw that broke the camels back was very recent. A few friends and myself attended Califur 09. Every single day, I was stalked and harrassed by her. I have witnesses who will vouch for me which were there while these confrontations took place. But I would rather keep them anonymous since I am trying to keep it as professional as possible.

I would hope both, myself, and many fursuit makers out there. They would like to keep their business and personal life seperate. Which would include keeping all business inquiries to emails only. This line was crossed when she attempted multiple times to try and acquire our personal cell line by constantly badgering our friends. They have told her many times to email us for her questions and she has even gone to the point to tell one of our friends "I paid $600.00, I think that entitles me to her phone number" She was speaking about Exdra's personal cell phone line.

On the first day of Califur, she approached both myself and Exdra. She began to talk to us about her head and we immediately told her to please email us with her questions or concerns because we did not feel like ruining/wasting our con talking about business when we could be enjoying our time. I'm not sure if we did not explain it well, but day 2 and day 3 were riddled with encounters with her. Not only did we tell her to email us, but she was persistant in the fact of harrassing us non stop until finally, we told her she could either wait for her suit to be completed by the end June 12th, 2009 or she could get a refund of everything that was REFUNDABLE. She left a 50% deposit and paid the rest of the final payment which was $300.00. If she were to get a refund, she would be recieving a $300.00 refund.

At the very end of Califur, she came up to us and began to tell us she would like a refund. I agreed and then she began telling us she would like us to write what we were going to do on a mini notepad. I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather not write down a "contract" concerning a refund of $300.00 on a mini notepad. Not only is that not professional, but its not an overall good idea. We informed her she would recieve an email from us concerning her refund and what was going to happen later that night. We emailed her telling her and told her we would be able to refund her the amount of $300.00 USD by the end of June of 2009, since her deposit was not refundable. She replied telling us she was ok with that. We began moving around finances, suit schedules and such in preperation to get her refund in time by the end of the month.

We then receieve an email stating "Please disregard my last email, I would much rather have my suit." After everything she put us through, the stress, harrassing both my friends, Exdra and myself. I even heard from people who have purchased a suit from me, that she went around constantly asking people who purchased a suit from me asking where I was and wouldn't leave them alone. I believe it to be in my best interest to not continue with this transaction. I sent her an email stating that she could not simply change her mind whenever she wished when it concerned something as big as a refund. We finally told her continuing with this commission would be a mistake. Our website clearly states "We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone" & "All Deposits Are Non Negotiable"

We sent her an email telling her she would recieve a refund in the mail by June 30th 2009. MyFurCreations considers this matter closed. This situation could have gone a lot better and we probably could have ended on a better note if she hadn't gone to such lengths to harrass myself, my friends, and people who have purchased a suit from me. This probably would have ended better, but when she chose to cross business into my personal life, that is when I drew the line.

I am posting this entry to warn anyone else who might be commissioned by her, to know exactly what we went through.

-Exdra & Dracon - MyFurCreations