May 23rd, 2009

Issues with Shiuk

More new information: Shiuk refunded me a lot sooner than either of us expected. This issue is hereby resolved.

New Information: Shiuk contacted me and said he would refund in full. He says he has no money at the moment and that "it will be awhile" before we receive it, but as soon as the refund is submitted and completed, I will have this entry marked as resolved (but not until then).

I absolutely hate that I have to actually make use of my membership here, but I am afraid that I've finally reached somewhat of a breaking point in my patience in regards to a particular set of commissons that has long-since been owed. What makes posting here even more disheartening is that I'm actually having to 'target' it at a rather popular artist in the furry community.

Back in early March of 2008, my fiance contacted Shiuk and, after exchanging a couple of emails, ordered two reference sheets (one was to be of his character, the other was to be mine). Payment was sent and completed on March 10, 2008. At first, contact between my fiance and the artist was reasonable and, at some point between May and July, we even got a rough W.I.P. sketch of one of the sheets.

After that, though, all we got were delays, excuses, or silence. My fiance would send emails that would take a considerable amount of time to be responded to (if they were responded to at all) and, each time there was an excuse for why the pieces weren't done (he was always either sick, out of town, at a family member's house, or something of that nature) and, according to my fiance, he even offered to throw in 'a little something extra' to make up for the wait (which I figure most artists do when they realize that they're not really performing as they should be; at this point, though, I don't give a damn about that 'extra' one bit). It eventually reached the point where my fiance would send emails and we'd just never hear anything back.

In February of this year, my fiance got tired of receiving no contact and just gave up, telling me that he wasn't even going to bother pursuing the issue anymore (he's had artists 'take the money and run' in the past and he feels that, after a certain point, it's not worth the time, effort, or stress to hunt them down to get them to do their work). At this point, I took over the task of making sure the art got done (not only wasn't I going to let my fiance just throw that kind of money down the drain, but I think it would be a bad idea to send ANY artist the message that it's okay to do nothing after receiving payment). On February 14th, I sent Shiuk the following PM over FurAffinity:

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So here we are: it's May 23rd, 2009, we've been waiting over a year and two months for two reference sheets, and I've not heard from Shiuk in over two months. The thing that bugs me the most about this whole situation is that, despite our wait, Shiuk's been open for commissions the whole time. In my personal opinion, if you have a customer who's already paid up-front for their pieces sitting on the backburner for over a year, then you should either NOT be taking commissions or, at the very least, be finishing up that person's artwork FIRST.

If anyone happens to know Shiuk, is there any chance you could point him to this entry? Maybe his 'dirty laundry' hanging out will convince him to get back on track. At this point, refund is NOT an option. After waiting this long for the pieces, having our money thrown back at us would be nothing short of insulting. We'd like our art and for there to be PROPER communication between ourselves and the artist in question. I shouldn't have to hunt him down and be given excuses when what we honestly want are W.I.P. sketches (because we'd like to be able to have a say in something we paid for before it's just tossed to us). This transaction should have taken a few months at most; not over a year.

There you have it. For commissioners, consider this somewhat of a warning. For artists, consider this an example of what NOT to do. If your commissioner is the one having to contact YOU all of the time, you're doing something wrong (unless the commissioner is hounding you once a day, in which case you needn't feel guilty).

*Disclaimer: I apologize for the overuse of commas and for not tagging this entry with artist-shiuk (it wouldn't let me tag for some reason. xD)