May 15th, 2009

  • wesfox

Anyone heard from this artist recently?

Update: I heard back from the artist today, and they emailed me both full-size, finished commissions. As they explained it, they'd had some personal problems that ended up requiring a move on their part, but they thanked me for being patient and hoped I enjoyed the artwork. I very much do :)

Has anyone heard from, or know what's up with Smeoch? I'd commissioned them for a pair of pictures back in January, but they seem to have dropped off the map since February and I haven't managed to get a reply over email, or via note over on FA.

They were initially really good about keeping up contact, and they were quick to give me a concept sketch for one character, rough sketches for both pictures, and a smaller scale version of the finished, colored version of the first image. After receiving that picture, they thanked me for being patient with their hellish schedule, and that they would try to finish up the colors on the second picture and send it and the full scale of the first picture within a week or two. Very good stuff, and I was quite happy with it all.

And then they vanished, and it was abrupt enough that I wonder if something happened, or they simply don't have net access for whatever reason. So if anyone has any contact with them, or know what might be up, it'd be appreciated.