May 10th, 2009


New information: Anuvia has refunded me the cost of the icon (apparently some hours before this post was made, but I didn't know it was coming and missed it), and has promised to deliver it to me soon. I will edit again if I receive the icon this time.

Second edit: I have received the icon and am satisfied, it's quite nice. Things have been resolved.

Way back in early-ish December, I made this post right here:

Anuvia replied to it personally, saying she would be up for it and that it would be 'easily' done by Christmas. I requested an email to contact her through.

At first, it was fine. There were some communication problems (as you can tell from the comments thread), but she was fairly communicative despite it. She wanted payment upfront, 20 dollars for the icon I was asking for, and it was made clear in the post it was to be a Christmas present (and I also asked her in the comments if she could do it before Christmas). So I paid her, and not long after, she showed me a prelim sketch. I sent in some corrections, and then the problems started.

She had sent me the email with the sketch on the 19th of December, I sent in minor corrections when I saw it the next day (the 20th), and then nothing. I sent an email asking for an update on the 23rd (since it was to be a Christmas present), got no response, sent another email on the 4th of January, to which she responded fairly quickly to tell me she had had a power outage for a week and that's why she hadn't been responding (even though I had seen her replying to things on Livejournal in this very community before then, so I don't know why she didn't just take a moment to reply to my email if she had time to look around Livejournal, but eh). She also added she had been inking the icon for the past hour (I have no idea if she inserted the changes we asked her to or not, as I didn't get to see a new sketch before she says she inked it).

I replied on the fifth apologizing for being worried she was going to run off with my money, and then didn't hear anything again. For 20 days. So I sent another email on the 25th of January.

Unfortunately, not long after I sent that email, where I live was hit by the horrible ice storms that knocked out power for over 2 weeks, killed a chunk of people, and Obama declared our area a national disaster and everything. To make it worse, our house was hit and run through by a tree (no, really, a big part of our roof was caved in) so it was uninhabitable for a while. Point being, I didn't exactly have access to email for a while, our cell phones didn't even work half the time that was going on, not that anyone without a generator/car charger had a way to charge their cellphones anyway.

I finally got to reply back on the 8th of February but things were still a mess, I just emailed her to note I would try to get back to her with a better email soon.

Fixing up the house and all took a while (we still need to replace our carpet, so expensive!), but I was able to finally sit down and respond to her properly on the 5th of May. She had asked if I wanted compensation for going so far past the Christmas deadline, and I had replied to tell her that I'd be fine with just getting the piece I paid for.

No reply.

March 24th, I emailed her again to ask for an update.

She replied on the 8th of April, telling me she hadn't been getting my emails because they were being redirected into her spam folder. However, this doesn't explain the lack of response to messages left on FA and LJ and the like. I didn't only try to contact her through email. Unfortunately, I don't have specific timestamps for these since the comment on her FA has already fallen off the front page, and I don't remember which exact posts I replied to her to on LJ. In this email, she said the icon was finished and she would send it to me the next night (on the 9th).

I replied the same day of the 8th, but never heard anything through email again. It is now May 10th (when I wrote and submitted this post for approval).

However, Anuvia was recently brought up here on Artists_beware, and her Deviantart account was linked. I went to a journal about new commissions she had been offering, and commented on the 3rd of May asking about my icon. You can see the exchange here:

She says she sent me the finished file, which I never got. I replied to her saying I never got it. I also replied to one of her comments on the AB post about her, telling her to please check her DA. I left another comment a few days ago asking about it again. I have received no reply. She has, however, faved artworks all the way up to today, the 10th, on her furaffinity account, so she is about. She has also replied to shouts and the like.

I'm not foaming at the mouth. I don't want her head on a pike. More than anything, I'm disappointed that she has been trying so hard to avoid communicating with me. Or I guess I should say she's been NOT trying to communicate? Either way, this is the worst commission experience I've had yet and I've been commissioning people for years.

According to her, my icon is complete. But I simply can not get her to actually give it to me. This commission was started way back in the beginning of December, meant to be finished by Christmas, and it is now May and I can not get her to keep in contact and just give me the icon she claims is already finished. If it is complete, why is there a problem? Even if there were email problems, there are other ways she could reply to me, and even give the file to me. So I don't understand why she is ignoring me.

Short version: Paid 20 dollars upfront for an icon to be done as a Christmas gift. Haven't received it months later despite claims that it is indeed long finished. Extremely non-communicative artist.

I just want my icon. It was a little embarrassing not having it to give to my boyfriend for Christmas. But fortunately he's been pretty understanding. Regardless, I DID pay for it, and I still want it. If it's done, why don't I have it yet?