May 7th, 2009


Question: Coloring Your Work?

This is not a warning, just a question.

So, after hopping on to check my FA, I noticed I had a note from this user asking about an adult piece I had drawn. They asked if I planned on coloring it and if I minded if they colored it and posted it to their gallery while linking back to me. I went to his page and only saw one example of him having done this, but just as he said, he linked back to the original artists as he said he would do with mine.

My initial reaction was to just message him back and say sure, go right on ahead and ask him to link me when he was finished so I could see and to make sure I was given credit. Then my 'artists_beware sense' started tingling and I figured I should ask. I know this isn't an uncommon request, so I was wondering if anyone here had any positive/negative experiences with other people asking to color your work.