April 29th, 2009

some time ago, but relevant

well This was about three or four years ago now. but some of my friends have prodded me to say something. I suppose it is still relevant. Many here I am sure know of or know personally the fursuit artist Rose Quoll. Like I said about three maybe four years ago now. I commissioned my first fursuit from her. I picked it up at AC06. Well most of it anyway. I had payed for it all already, but the thing is it was missing foot paws, which she promised would be finished sometime in the near future because she ran out of material, Two weeks was the time frame she quoted me. I waited an extra week out of respect to ask about it again. I got a short tempered answer of hvign to wait another two weeks because she got behind schedule. After this next two weeks, which had turned into a month, I asked again since I hadn't seen or heard anything. I got a VERY short reply [short as in mean spirited]. and askign if I just wanted my money back.
No I do not want my money back, I want you to finish the job. I said. She claimed she would finish them soon. But I still never saw a thing. still haven't to this day.

Now having said all this. She is an excelent fursuit artist, only one thing really went wrong and that is the claws all fell our and I have holes in the thumbs, after one con. But still for working with plastic mesh, she did a good job. Though the eyes aren't secured in real well, another easy fix.
By this time My fursona has changed considerably but I still have his old style as a separate character, so the suit is still usable. if a little worn out. I did manage to get a pair of foot paws for it, but I got them from another company since Rose had screwed me over and didn't seem likely to make good on her claims. and she still hasn't, almost four years later. I went back and checked her site to see if maybe I'd missed something somewhere, but no nothing. the suit is still on there though. Karo the Kangaroo. in his old Black and Neon Green self. Now [as you can see] brown and tan with red markings.
I have heard from other folks that have had bad experiences with this artist, but i have also heard of very good experiences. So take this post as you may.