April 12th, 2009


Client Concern: SlvrWlf/Lightish

I recently did business with the user SlvrWlf or "Lightish" for some emergency commissions because my equipment was failing. I put up an opening for about 5 users and he was one of them.
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I set terms that he can accept a 100% refund without seeing the sketch, and a 50% refund if he chooses the sketch.
He responds with:

"If im going to accept a sketch, I want to know if its an actual sketch or stick figures. You need to show me a watermarked image to see if its worth half a refund or not. You also have no right to make a profit off my character.

Also, there is no 'final result' unless you actually finish the piece, which is still an option if it can be finished by May 10."

He did not have a deadline originally, and this is for sure a bad call due to bad attitude on his part. I received two parts to his note, the second of which consisted of:
"better idea. go ahead and finish the commission, no refund, and mail me the finished piece. forget all of this happened. I don't have time for this."

And my final response to him stated that I will not abide by his "March 10th" deadline as I do not accept deadlines through coercion, also stating I will finish the image based on terms previously set for the image. I also mentioned that any hostile response after this point will be enough for me to warrant closure of business with him.

In closing: SlvrWlf has decided to follow through with his commission because he "doesn't have the time to deal with this". I strongly urge caution when considering a transaction with this user, once I have completed ours he will be on my blacklist.