March 30th, 2009

for the swarm!

Adult Commissions/Nudie Commissions and Minors

Hi guys :B I got a question for all you porn and tasteful nude artists!

What are you guys' policies about doing adult work for commissioners? Like do you guys request proof of age or something if someone wants you to draw some naughties of their characters? And what about just plain nude images of their characters?

I ask this because a lot of porn sites and stuff usually say "You agree not to make this material available to minors" and I don't wanna get my butt in trouble. Commissions are my only form of income and I'd hate to see that go to a lawsuit D:

Cause currently I'm doing 2 reference sheets for minors. Nothing adult, just tasteful nude for character detail, and in the past I did another reference sheet for a minor (I didn't know then) but it was tasteful nudity with a shot of an erect penis for reference.