March 2nd, 2009



I think his journal on FA and my response sums it all up nicely:

But basically, he is one of those commissioners who expected me to read his mind. I have hundreds of positive commission experiences, and so far, this is the ONLY time I've ever felt the need to cancel the commission. I'm normally very patient and easy to work with, but one thing I do not tolerate is being insulted by saying my prices are too high, being expected to read people's minds of what they want, and generally just being talked to like a machine rather than a person.

Needless to say, I'm no longer accepting money orders because I certainly don't want someone who flies off the handle and calls me such names, having my address. :/

Supposedly this guy has commissioned some of "the best" artists, so I'm sure that he has some artists on his side, but I just wanted to share this so people know what he IS capable of, and so people like me who don't tolerate commissioners like him, know to watch out.