February 27th, 2009

  • kayay

Another Pawstar Warning

I first learned about Pawstar at an anime convention. Their prices were fair, quality good, people seemed friendly, and I didn't find any complaints about them online at the time, so I decided to order a couple things from them online in addition to making a purchase at their booth. I wanted a gift sent to an international friend, emailed them to make sure they shipped to the country in question, then placed my order on May 13, 2008. Total costs including international shipping were a little over $40, after which I received the following confirmation email:

Please note that our items are hand made, and as such, take time to manufacture. Allow 1-2 weeks for items such as hats and leather goods, 3-4 weeks for all other items. Complex or multiple item orders may take longer to fill. We only ask that you be patient; the quality is well worth the wait.

Keeping in mind that orders could take a while, I waited. And waited. And waited. Three months later I started to send emails requesting the status of my order. Had it been shipped? Was there projected completion and delivery date? I also tried to contact them via their “contact us” form on their webpage. By December 9th, 2008 I was upset and insisted they, “Contact me immediately.” By January 16th I’d had enough and asked for a refund.

Friday, January 16, 2009
I never received my order and have not gotten a reply to any of my email inquiries, via yahoo or your site. Let me know if it was ever shipped and if so the record of it. Otherwise I'd like a refund. Thank you.

Emails were doing no good, so I hunted for a phone number or physical mailing address, but their site lists no phone number or mailing address. Since the transaction had happened so long ago, I figured Paypal couldn’t do anything and I had to suck up the loss. That's what you get for being patient.

Then today the package arrived. Nearly one year since the order date my small order finally arrived, yet there is still nothing in my email inbox from Pawstar. There was no notice of the package being sent nor apology for the 9+ month processing time. At least I finally got their mailing address, so if anyone else needs to contact them here it is: Pawstar, 3203 Springbrook Rd, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158. Being a business making this information public should not be an issue.

I’m willing to wait for a quality product, especially when it’s a small business, but there is no excuse for ignoring a customer for a year. If they are ill or bogged down with work they should contact their customers. If they find conventions more profitable, then stop taking internet orders. If they have time to update their My Space they have time to tend to their paying customers’ emails. Thus, I advise people to avoid dealing with Pawstar, especially online, although bad vendors shouldn’t get your business at conventions too in my opinion.

Wondering if this happened to anyone else, I discovered the following which have been mentioned here before, but I wish to post it again as an FYI:

[ETA] dA link fixed.
If you have a dA account and find this bad business practice, please vote for the dA news article linked above to draw more attention to the problem.
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Moderator post: Tagging Entries

I finally have some time to start going back and tagging posts. I will work backwards from the most recent posts.

If anyone would like to see the tags I'm using, here they are:

The list will evolve as I work my way through the entries.

Each post will be tagged with the descriptors (e.g. 'beware', 'artist') and the name of the person/company being mentioned. There will also be appropriate tags for advice and discussion posts.

As I come across posts which have been mutually resolved, I will tag them 'resolved', with no warnings about any specific party.

If you have any questions about my tags on a specific post, comment here with a link to that post. If you ask in that particular post, I won't see your question.

Feel free to suggest tags (or better wording for the tags I'm using), but please do not feel offended if I don't take your suggestions.