February 22nd, 2009

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Manga University = Vanity Scam?

 Hello. I'm coming to you guys today about a recent DA 'publisher' calling itself "Manga University".

They are offing artists the chance to gain 'Exposure' by submitting art to their new volume, "Manga Without Borders vol 2" And are basically asking that artists first pay an entrance fee of $20 to get their work approved, critiqued by a 'real manga artist in Japan'  and THEN if they happen to make it through the submission phase, will have to pay an extra $100 to get one page in the book. So for a whopping $120, you too can get a page in their shoddy book, including a short bio about yourself.

Not only that but you get a free copy (Ahem, sorry, 2 copies) of the book you might POSSIBLY make it into, as well as a 'free' critique! Wow! that's a great value right? 

No. No it's not.

After asking why they were charging this much, to give such little in return, me and others valid and UNFLAMMATORY comments were hidden. They opened up a news article here to "advertise" about their book, only to be scrutinized there as well. And then recently posted a new journal claryfing things. When it only just continued to spew out the same bullshit as before. And made sure NOT to mention the extra $100 fee.

Just a warning to people who might see this as an opportunity: Any publisher that charges you that sort of money, is baloney. You can self publish for less, and distribute your work that way. Their books do not sell very well as it is, and taking advantage of younger naive artists is pretty much criminal in my eyes. I'd like this to be known about, before they get any attention for it.

The fact is, this smells fishy. I'd like to not only warn other artists about it, but to start up a conversation about this. I know the "How to draw Manga" books are pretty widely known, but this seems like some offshoot publisher, trying to set up a Vanity marketing scheme using younger artists.

Discuss. And if this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize.