February 12th, 2009


Morning all,

I'm new to the community, but I've been reading it on and off for some time. I hoped that I would never have to use it, but I do now.

At Anthrocon, I commissioned KKitty23 for a badge. It was a small badge, I think I only paid $5 for it, and she didn't manage to get it done before the end of the convention. I was cool with that, because I know that that happens a lot.

A couple weeks after the con, maybe not that long, I sent her my mailing address on DA. She never responded to me, so after waiting for a while, I sent her another message, which also included my mailing address again, just to see if she had gotten it. Again- no reply.

Sometime between then and November, I sent her another message that inquired about her work status. Once again, NO REPLY. So in November, when the fourth month was rolling past, I sent her a letter that said, because of her inability to reply to me, and at least give me acknowledgement, she had two months to complete my art or give me a refund. Else, I was going to be posting her name to buyer beware communities and putting her on peoples' blacklists.

This is about the only thing that got a reply out of her- THREATS. Now, I wasn't particularly inflammatory, I didn't cuss (with the exclusion of the word shit-list), and I told her that she would not have incurred this if she had had the simple courtesy to reply to me when I sent her messages. I also inquired about all of the hidden messages on her DA page, and the fact that she was doing commissions for other people.

The response I got back was severely abusive, and referenced me to a journal post she made in October on DA. The journal said she was offering refunds, and that if you had commissioned her at Anthrocon, to send her a note. The problem with this is that I don't really watch her. (I don't think her style is THAT great, I just thought it would make for a really nice badge for the cutesy character in question.) And again, I had sent her my physical mailing address TWICE. She could have slipped a $5 bill or a check into an envelope and called it a day.

Instead, she waited until a few days ago to hunt me down on FA. Notedly, I had never checked my DA after I sent the letter to her that said I would be putting her on my shit-list, but she had my FA and my email address, which I gave to her at the convention. All in all, I have had a very bad experience with this person. She has said more than once, by her own admission that she is bad at handling her work load, she doesn't do commissions in order, that she does commissions on "her terms" (whatever that means) and that "all an artist owes you if you commission them is art or a refund".

So when she says that all she owes you is a commission or a refund, she means that. In other words, she feels no need to offer you timeliness, courteous replies, or in fact, even acknowledgement (unless you threaten her). She doesn't feel that it is her responsibility as the person holding your money, to contact -you-, either, she expects you to keep up with -her-. Personally, I'd be wary of this person on many levels. Not only has she been this way to me about this commission, but she had all her little friends trolling me on FA when I made a journal about it. She's calling me immature and making it seem as though my threat letter was my first attempt to contact her or something, when in fact, I made several very polite, nay, even PLEASANT attempts to contact her before that point.

Many thanks for the privilege to post in this community. I'm sorry it had to be done.

Art theft - possibly being sold... somehow.

I was recently pointed to this site by my other half through his latexy fetish-type connections, and it seems they've got a site full of stolen art, most likely ripped from FurAffinity galleries.

If you're a latex/inflation fetish artist (or know one), then you might want to look through and see if your stuff's been posted - Mine's on there and I'm surprised since it's... terrible. I think the only place I posted it was FA though. So yah.

The site:

They seem to be claiming to be... selling the artwork as... outfits?
It's too bizarre to really compute, and they've even whited out artists' names in some of the artworks and added their own watermarks as even more of an insult. Gah.
I'm emailing them now, and I suggest anyone else with art taken should do the same.

I'll post this to art_theft too, as soon as I join.