January 30th, 2009

Purple Husky

CooperFurry: Known for stealing people's art of purple huskies and their characters. He will not only post the original submissions, claim them as his own, and say the other person stole it from him, but he will buy commissions of these characters FOR HIMSELF.
This came to my attention when he attempted to purchase a fursuit commission of THIS character from me. Jijix came to me and even said he could pull up all the WIP PSD files to show that the character and artwork are his own.

AT THIS TIME- Cooper has removed everyone else's artwork, but don't be surprised if it shows back up sooner or later.

Commission done for Cooper:

Jijix's character: WARNING MATURE CONTENT- If you're NOT a member of FA or have the content filter on, you will not be able to view the images below. Sorry, because of their content, they can't be hosted on places like photobucket.


Cooper's Avatar is even a rip off!
Everything down to the tattoo on the hind leg and the rainbow band around the tail are ALL featured on Jijix's character. The colors, the hair, the markings, the accessories, you got it- it's all of it.

I contacted FA staff 3 months ago, no reply. NOW they replied to me and told me that Cooper is in the clear, he did NOT steal Jijix's character and that I was harassing him by reporting him. I'm not the only one either. The owners of the characters/artwork had also reported him several times only to get the same message that Cooper is A-OK.
HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU GET?! It's clearly obvious that the character doesn't belong to him yet he doesn't seem to care.
Cooper DID make himself his own 'fursona' which he never uses. He'd much rather rip off everyone's purple husky.

Other people who were hit by Cooper:
Huskie666,Pkay and probably many others that I never caught the names of yet.

What the fuck FA is right, damn. Now we allow people to steal characters and when people report it you tell them basically fuck off and stop 'harassing' the user? (and no, no one harassed him to my knowledge- Hell I even explained it to him 50 times on MSN that he can't use other people's character and I said it in the most basic kind way as if you were talking to a 2 year old)